CA File Master™ Plus 10.0 is now GA!

By Michael DuBois posted 01-03-2017 02:08 PM


Our team is pleased to announce that the CA File Master Plus 10.0 Incremental Release is now complete and the 10.0 releases of CA File Master Plus, CA File Master Plus for IMS, and CA File Master Plus for DB2 for z/OS are now Generally Available.  


The CA File Master Plus 10.0 releases contain the following enhancements:  


·         Single Combined PAX File for Installation and Configuration

·         Single Eclipse UI

·         Eclipse 64-bit Plug-in Support

·         Integration with Standardware’s COPE for IMS

·         Automatic IMS Editor Timeout 

·         Saving and Recalling Dynamic Selection Criteria

·         Online Access to LOADINFO Reporting 

·         Online Access to VTOC Extent Mapping

·         Integration with CA Test Data Manager

·         Batch XML Generation Utility

·         Symbolic Browsing of Segmented Records

·         Toleration for Previously Unsupported DB2 Data Types in the Eclipse UI


Our team would also like to recognize and thank our outstanding validation partners for contributing their time and providing valuable guidance and feedback throughout the development cycle.


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The CA File Master Plus Team