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Avoid Outages and Re-syncs with Extension Trunking

In storage environments, reliable and resilient networks — to the point of no frame loss and in-order frame delivery — is necessary for error-free operation, high performance, and operational ease. This improves availability, reduces operating expenses and, most of all reduces the risk of data...

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How to Drive High-Throughput Over Distance

The advanced performance and network optimization features of the Brocade 7840 Extension Switch enable replication and backup applications to send more data over metro and WAN links in less time, and optimize available WAN bandwidth. Supporting up to 250ms Round-Trip Time (RTT) latency, the...

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Never Disrupt Your Replication Again with Firmware Updates

Hot Code Load (HCL), also known as Non-Disruptive Firmware Upgrades, have been available for Fibre Channel platforms for a long time, but not for the extension platforms. With the recently announced Brocade 7840 Extension Switch , HCL is now available for extension switches. This feature is...

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EMC World 2015: More About IP Extension

IPEX is based on 5 pillars. These tenants are distinctly different, crucial to many environments, and made up the design criteria for Brocade Extension Engineering. To review, they are: High Performance (covered in part 2 of 3 in this series) Operational Excellence Superior...

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EMC World 2015: It’s all about Performance!

Welcome back to the second installment on Brocade 7840 IPEX. Today’s blog is all about improving performance of IP storage applications between data centers, a cornerstone of IPEX. There is A LOT to this pillar, so, I’ve devoted today’s entire blog to just to this subject. Here is a list of...

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EMC World 2015: Take Control with IP Extension

Good morning EMC World 2015! Here we are again in Las Vegas pursuing the latest technological advancements for our storage and cloud environments. This year EMC and Brocade are proud to present something entirely new: IPEX (IPEX = IP Extension) on the Brocade 7840 (EMC Connectrix MP-7840B)...