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Modernize Your Network for EMC Unity Storage

Truer words were never spoken, plus he’s my boss… The reality is flash is having a huge impact on infrastructure requirements. Legacy networks were not designed to maximize the potential of flash storage, creating potential performance bottlenecks and degradation to application availability. The...

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Attending EMC World? Why Duct Tape Doesn't Fix IP Storage Limitations

Over the last couple years, IT organizations have been under increased pressure to do more immediately but with less money. The majority of today’s enterprises are struggling to manage the growth in emerging business-critical workloads. Without the ability to design a purpose-built architecture...

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Attending EMC World? Listen in on Brocade’s Holy Grail Adventure!

Everyone knows deploying flash will help meet the demands of growing data caused by workload density from server virtualization. But will flash alone be the Holy Grail of technology? Similar to Indiana Jones in the Temple of the Sun, organizations are navigating through booby-traps of complexity...

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The Future With EMC VMAX All Flash And EMC Connectrix B-Series

CIO’s are challenged with transforming their data center to address new requirements that go well beyond speed and capacity. Enterprise Data Centers are struggling with delivering services to meet the explosion of data, granular analytics and automation while delivering the reliability and...

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Building the Edgeless Data Lake with EMC IsilonSD, Connectrix VDX, and the New IP

By now most of us are familiar with the concept of the Data Lake. EMC’s recent launch of IsilonSD and their DataLake 2.0 strategy was a great opportunity to revisit our own needs. EMC Isilon Storage (with link) EMC Announces Major Data Lake Advancements: New Isilon Offerings Span Edge,...

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Redefining Solutions: VDI with EMC and Brocade

EMC is redefining what it means to deliver solutions for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). defines a solution as “ the act of solving a problem, question, etc .” More often, it’s an overused marketing term in IT that implies a holistic approach to solving a fundamental...

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Random Reflections from EMC World 2014

What a week in Las Vegas! Jonathan Martin and his team at EMC delivered another spectacular event that always seems to feel like the center of the storage universe. It’s evolved over the years from a technical user event into a compass for understanding where the storage industry is going. The...