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Random Reflections from EMC World 2014

What a week in Las Vegas! Jonathan Martin and his team at EMC delivered another spectacular event that always seems to feel like the center of the storage universe. It’s evolved over the years from a technical user event into a compass for understanding where the storage industry is going. The...

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Up in the Clouds

It appears that we have finally moved on from cloud-washing everything IT to the era of software-defined. For believers of Gartner’s hype cycle , clearly we have transitioned from the Trough of Disillusionment towards the Plateau of Productivity because of new storage solutions that actually...

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The Gen 5 Fibre Channel Train is Picking Up Momentum!

A passenger train moving at 80 miles per hour needs about a mile to stop. This is like the momentum of the storage industry in transitioning to Gen 5 Fibre Channel (16Gb). We got the train moving with our launch in May 2011 . The adapter companies followed our lead with only the storage...