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Not All Flash Systems Are The Same

Image provided by: Mission Critical Magazine – The Adventure of Kip and Gary The variety of flash storage systems is similar to farming. Not all farms are alike. Some farms focus on crops and others on livestock. The same goes for flash storage systems. Some arrays are designed for...

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The NVMe Party Begins

There’s been a lot of buzz about NVMe in the last year, as well as growing noise around NVMe-over-Fabrics. There are several technology options for transporting NVMe-over-Fabrics, and so of course there are competitive claims about which is the best choice. One of the claims that always makes...

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How to Achieve Future-proof Performance in a All-Flash Data Center

For decades, high performance and reliability have been the fundamental cornerstone for Fibre Channel storage networks . They still are. But data centers have become a lot more complicated since SANs first appeared. With our world undergoing a massive digital transformation and with more...