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Fibre Channel: Secure by Design

To say that downtime is costly would be the epitome of an understatement, and lost user and IT productivity is often just the beginning. With 22% of outages caused by cybercrime, a wide range of hard and soft costs such as specialized network security upgrades and reduced customer confidence can...

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Fibre Channel: Seamlessly Moves Magnitudes of Data

In case you’ve never thought about it, one petabit is 10 15 bits of digital information. That’s one quadrillion bits. Based on total network capacity, Brocade stands behind a scalability of up to three petabits per second for its Fibre Channel SAN. Having trouble imagining what anyone...

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Fibre Channel: The Ultimate in Reliability

Rising service level agreement (SLA) requirements and expectations are a fundamental driver of storage network technology. That’s no surprise when you look at the numbers. Let’s say an average data center outage lasts 95 minutes . That’s 5,700 seconds. In that amount of time, Amazon ...

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Increase Flash Storage Value with Fibre Channel

The jaw-dropping speed of flash technology is a welcome innovation for storage administrators struggling with double-digit growth. The challenge is leveraging that speed across the data center. Without a high-performance storage network anchored by a low-latency, highly reliable switching...

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Why Fibre Channel is Everywhere — and Staying There

It’s morning. By nightfall, 30 billion transactions will have run over the world’s Fibre Channel networks. And we’re not talking about penny ante, bubble gum-buying transactions. We’re talking banking. Airlines. Major retailers. We’re talking about organizations that drive major segments of...

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Gen 6 Fibre Channel Links Flash and Virtualized Architectures with Unprecedented Speed and Insight

The exploding number of virtualized applications and increasing use of All Flash Arrays (AFAs) have catapulted storage networking requirements to new heights. Storage administrators now need a foundational business architecture that can support the massive data demands of virtualized...