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  • With the introduction of Fabric Operating System (FOS) 8.2.0 Brocade came out with its RESTful API support.  For the last 18 months Brocade continues to expose more objects through the API to allow our customers a more modern way to interact with our platforms.  We introduced our PyFOS libraries and Utilities that can be found out at which are sanctioned by Brocade. 

    A number of resources are available to help you better understand our API approach.  One great way to start is taking our free education courses around Automation (API-220 and REST-320)

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  • "L-Port", as you noted, is the designation for a Loop Port (Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop aka FC-AL). I don't think anyone supports FC-AL anymore. I still see FC-AL in the 3Par manuals but as a practical matter, I haven't seen anyone using FC-AL with ...

  • My system consists of two 3PAR storage, it have Peer Motion configuration. On each node controller, there are 6 FC connections to the SAN switch Brocade. in which 1 port is displayed as L Port. L port is not available in Zone effective. I want to ask ...

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