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Portstats64show stat64_rateTxWord and stat64_rateTxPeakWord

  • 1.  Portstats64show stat64_rateTxWord and stat64_rateTxPeakWord

    Posted 03-20-2020 11:24 AM
    What time span is coverd for the portstats64show counters that measure words/second and peak words/second ?

    Have a 8510-8 using FOS v8.1.2a.and interested in using the portstats64show registers for individual
    port metrics.    Within the portstatsshow64show are counter for what appear to be average and peak
    Tx and Rx rates.

    stat64_rateTxWord              670103 Tx Word rate (words/sec)(= 2.56 MB/s)
    stat64_rateRxWord           2546952 Rx Word rate (words/sec)(= 9.72 MB/s)
    stat64_rateTxPeakWord   6969525 Tx peak Word rate (words/sec)(= 26.59 MB/s)
    stat64_rateRxPeakWord 12980952 Rx peak Word rate (words/sec)(= 49.52 MB/s)

    Do these counters represent the average and peak values since fc counter resetting or
    a smaller interval (such as last 5 mins)?

    The FOS v8.1 command guide does not provide any detail on the time period .