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  • 1.  IO Perf Impact on T-Port

    Posted 11-05-2019 11:31 PM
    Hi Friends,

    We have 2 * Brocade 6520 SAN switches (core-edge) and daily I see the below alerts triggers very frequently. Port 29 being a Trunk port and I checked and not able to get a clue on this.

    Affected Entity:  T-Port 29
    Current Value: [DEV_LATENCY_IMPACT,IO_PERF_IMPACT, 12 ms Frame Delay]
    Dashboard Category: Fabric Performance Impact
    Switch Name: xx
    Fabric Name: uninitialized
    VFID: 128

    However, I could see almost once in 2 days, few ports on the Core switches are marked as SDDQ and these ports are connected to HP Storonce VTL 6500 and 6200. I have got checked with SFP/Cable and dont see any issues/error. I have logged call with vendor and he has asked to consult SAN specialist to troubleshoot this issue. We have recently increased the ISL's between these 2 switches (earlier there were 4 ISL's) and now we increased by 2 more ISL's. And vendor suggested to disable the QOS to have more buffers utilised for the normal traffic on ISL.

    There are 5 backup servers and 4 VTL libraries and all of them are connected on Core switches. Whenever some of these ports are marked as SDDQ, the TSM servers lose visibility to half of the paths to the VTL drives. This has been ongoing from last 6 months, but we are not find a solution for this.

    I am not sure what else to check on the SAN switches. The MAPS policy is conservative.

    Kindly advise.