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UCS Uplink Distribution Monitoring Configuration

  • 1.  UCS Uplink Distribution Monitoring Configuration

    Posted 03-12-2020 10:19 AM
    (The subject line contains the title of the relevant section in the MAPS User Guide 8.2.1x, starting on page 149)

    I have been unable to implement the new RE_BALANCE action in FOS 8.2.1 for a Cisco UCS environment with FI uplinks to a G620. The sequence of the configuration hits a roadblock with the devicelogin --show command that returns "no port groups monitored".  I used logicalgroup to group the four uplinks but that did not help.

    I then found the page in the MAPS User Guide 8.2.1x that states "By default, the Cisco UCS FI ports are identified and grouped based on the OUI and the node WWN of the physical ports" but that clearly isn't happening here. I think this means that MAPS or FOS 8.2.1 isn't identifying the Cisco FI WWN as such.

    The same section of the MAPS Guide lists a step to add the new OUI to the database but the command listed isn't in the FOS Command Guide. It looks like the start of the command is missing (?).

    4. Add the new OUI to the database to support the UCS rebalance feature on ports that are not identified by the default OUIdatabase. The OUI database must be up-to-date before executing the command. (This feature is only supported with CiscoUCS FI ports).

    switch:admin> nodewwn --add -vendor <vendor_name> <vendor_wwn>vendor_name - Only vendor name supported is Cisco.vendor_wwn - Vendor node WWN, in ':' separated format.

  • 2.  RE: UCS Uplink Distribution Monitoring Configuration

    Posted 03-14-2020 09:52 PM

    FOS puts the UCS WWNs of each blade server in a logical group when the node logs in. If you upgraded code from a version of FOS that does not support UCS re-balancing, any version of FOS prior to 8.2.1, you will need to force a re-login so that the logical groups can be formed. Typically, this is done with a portdisable/portenable. Since ports are not enabled simultaneously, there is a good chance that there will be an initial imbalance following this action. A manual rebalance immediately after a port enable is highly recommended.

    What is the output of:

    devicelogin --show

    Field Applications Engineer

  • 3.  RE: UCS Uplink Distribution Monitoring Configuration

    Posted 03-15-2020 06:34 PM
    The G620 switches were new, out of box, and were running 8.2.1c. I did bring up all ports at once and have four ports with 3 NPIV connections each. The output of the devicelogin command is "no port groups monitored", which has prompted my posting my issue here. I've since read in the MAPS guide that these uplinks are supposed to be automatically identified and grouped automatically upon login but for some reason they aren't doing so. I've since learned that there's a root-only command (nodewwn) to add the Cisco FI to the OUI database of the switch, something that has me wondering why this FI isn't already in the database.

  • 4.  RE: UCS Uplink Distribution Monitoring Configuration

    Posted 03-16-2020 05:25 PM
    Edited by Kevin Cooney 03-16-2020 05:25 PM
    More...output from 'nssshow'...this is just one of the uplink ports.

    N 5a2800; 3;20:1b:00:de:fb:e9:ea:00;20:0a:00:de:fb:e9:ea:01; 0x00000000
    SCR: None
    IP address:
    PortSymb: [16] "DR6248-A:fc1/27."
    NodeSymb: [8] "DR6248-A"
    Fabric Port Name: 20:28:88:94:71:bd:71:59
    Permanent Port Name: 20:1b:00:de:fb:e9:ea:00
    Device type: Physical Unknown(initiator/target)
    Port Index: 40
    Share Area: No
    Redirect: No
    Partial: No
    LSAN: No
    Slow Drain Device: No
    Device link speed: 8G
    Connected through AG: No
    Real device behind AG: No
    FCoE: No

  • 5.  RE: UCS Uplink Distribution Monitoring Configuration

    Posted 28 days ago
    SOLUTION: The problem was found in the configuration of UCS. In order for the WWNN of the FI uplinks to be identified, the "Info Policy" needs to be set to "Enabled". This setting is located here:

    UCS Manager, Equipment, Policies, Global Policies, Info Policy, Action: Enable