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ServerIron ADX with 12.4.00

  • 1.  ServerIron ADX with 12.4.00

    Posted 11-01-2019 11:22 AM

    User wants to setup layer 7 health check for SSL on load balancer.
    I couldn't find any example configuration.

    Is it possible to set it up?

    Thank you

  • 2.  RE: ServerIron ADX with 12.4.00

    Posted 11-01-2019 03:15 AM

    ADX platform are end of life.

    as fair as i remeber, SSL health check​ was introduced in MicroCode Version 12.5.x, however no Download is available anymore for ADX.


  • 3.  RE: ServerIron ADX with 12.4.00

    Posted 11-01-2019 12:06 PM
    Hello Antonio

    Thank you for replying.

    I found this from adx 12.4 document.

    SSL (complete)

    The ServerIron ADX initiates an SSL connection with the server on TCP port 443, a secure link is

    negotiated, and encrypted data is transferred across it.

    After the SSL connection is established, the ServerIron ADX sends the SSL server an HTTP GET or

    HEAD request. The GET or HEAD request specifies a page containing the URL of a page on the

    server. By default, the ServerIron ADX sends a HEAD request for the default page, "1.0", although

    this can be changed with the port ssl url command:

    If the server responds with an acceptable status code, the ServerIron ADX resets the

    connection and marks the port ACTIVE.

    If the server does not respond, the ServerIron ADX retries the health check up to the number of

    times configured (the default is two retries). If the server still does not respond, the ServerIron

    ADX marks the server port FAILED and removes the server from the load-balancing rotation for

    SSL service.


    Immediately following a successful Layer 4 TCP health check

    At regular intervals, if keepalive is enabled for the port

    According to this document, can I use it like below?

    port ssl
    port ssl keepalive
    port ssl url "GET /healthcheck.html HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\n\r\n"

    Thank you