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Hitachi hitrack

  • 1.  Hitachi hitrack

    Posted 12-02-2019 08:28 AM
    Morning Everyone, I'm encountering communication errors on hitrack remote ops monitor agent polling several brocade switches in several geographical areas. The switches themselves are not reporting any errors it's just the hitrack monitoring. example

    SWFCIP71_SEDC SEDC-DC75 FCIP Replication Brocade 7800  Okay 2019/12/02 08:20:50

    Thanks in advance.

  • 2.  RE: Hitachi hitrack

    Posted 12-03-2019 04:53 AM

    Status is showing as 'Okay' and timestamp for last communication update looks current, so I can't see evidence of a communication error from your example.

  • 3.  RE: Hitachi hitrack

    Posted 12-04-2019 09:11 AM
    My apologies, the screenshot provided does not show the image for Okay. The image is yellow (yield) and as you can see from the dashboard image below it is posting a comms.error.

    Device Error Comms. Error Device Okay Not Monitored Total Devices
    0 1 30 0 31
    Refresh Devices / Page

  • 4.  RE: Hitachi hitrack

    Posted 12-05-2019 03:48 AM
    Really need more information. 'Comms. Error' covers a multitude of issues. A start would be the contents of the 'Status' box that will be in the 'Communication Errors' section that sits just above all of the 'Devices Okay' in Hi-Track.

    Next to the status error in that box is an icon that looks like a 'D'. Click on that and it will give you further information.

    Fundamentally, communication issues from Hi-Track to Brocade will likely fall in to two main areas. Either an IP connectivity issue or an SNMP configuration issue. For the former, ensure basic IP connectivity between server hosting Hi-Track and the switch in both direction. Check for any firewall ports (including IPTables on the switch) that might be blocking SNMP. For the latter, make sure you've setup SNMP correctly on the switch and that that configuration is matched when entering the switch details in Hi-Track.

  • 5.  RE: Hitachi hitrack

    Posted 12-05-2019 07:42 AM

    Calvin, thanks for your input. Although my first thoughts were this is a network issue I believe from a core router change I did find a work around/fix, advice from Hitachi support states that I should edit the HitDFmon.config file with Admin privileges. Gonna give it a go and see what's up. Thanks again