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The Latest Online Training Courses from Brocade Education

  • 1.  The Latest Online Training Courses from Brocade Education

    Posted 02-02-2018 02:04 PM
    Edited by Jeremy Easton 08-22-2019 01:38 PM

    Brocade Education provides free online training for the latest Brocade SAN technologies, enabling our customers to build the critical skills needed to install, configure, administer, maintain and troubleshoot SAN environments utilizing Brocade products.


    The Fundamentals Curriculum Path

    Designed for those interested in gaining a solid foundation of knowledge in Fibre Channel Storage Area Networking (SAN). This learning path is intended for anyone not yet familiar with Brocade products and technologies.

    For those who already have a strong understanding of Fibre Channel and SAN protocols and technologies, including Brocade hardware and software, the Fundamentals learning path can be a valuable refresher.

    These courses provide the framework for the more advanced training that is available below broken out into specific technology areas.


    All Brocade Education content is available from within the Learning Portal.  Login to the Learning portal here:





    • Introduction to Fabric OS Automation (API-220)
    • Fabric OS REST Implementation (REST-320)
    • PyFOS Installation (PyFIN-220)
    • PyFOS Zoning (PyZONE-220)
    • PyFOS SSL Connectivity (PySSL-220)
    • Intro to Analytics Monitoring Platform (AMP-200)



    • Intro to FICON (FICON-101)
    • Brocade Professional Mainframe Storage Network Architect (BPMSNA-300)



    • Access Gateway (AG-220)
    • Brocade Associate SAN Administrator (BASA 200-WBT)
    • Brocade Fabric Vision Technologies (SAN-FV 200-WBT)
    • Brocade Gen 5 SAN Design (CFD 200-WBT)
    • Brocade Professional SAN Administrator (BPSA 300-WBT)
    • ClearLink Diagnostics (D_PORT-220)
    • Fabric OS Security Configuration (FSEC-120)
    • Fabric OS SSL Connectivity (SSL-220)
    • Fabric Performance Impact (FPI) (FPI-220)
    • Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF-120)
    • Fibre Channel Fundamentals (FC-120)
    • Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP-220)
    • Fibre Channel Routing (FCR-220)
    • Fibre Channel Trunking (TRUNK-120)
    • Firmware Management (FW-120)
    • Flow Vision (FLVIS-220)
    • Introduction to Brocade Gen 5 Hardware (HWG5-120)
    • Introduction to Brocade Gen 6 Hardware (HWG6-120)
    • Introduction to Fibre Channel Routing (FCR-220)
    • Introduction to Fibre Channel SANs (FCSAN-101)
    • Introduction to Virtual Fabrics (VF-220)
    • Long Distance Fibre Channel ISLs (LD-120)
    • Monitoring Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS-220)
    • Switch Installation & Configuration (INST-120)
    • Virtual Fabrics (VF-220)
    • VM Insight (VMI-220)
    • Zoning (ZONE-120)



    • Brocade 7840/SX6 IP Extension (IPEX-300)
    • Introduction to Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP-220)



    • Brocade Network Advisor
      • BNA Overview (BNAOV-220)
      • BNA Installation (BNAIN-220)
      • BNA Server Configuration (BNASE-220)
      • BNA Discovery (BNADI-220)
      • BNA User Accounts (BNAAC-220)
      • BNA Zoning (BNAZO-220)
      • BNA Switch Configuration File (BNACF-220)
      • BNA Firmware (BNAFW-220)
      • BNA Virtual Fabrics (BNAVF-220)
      • BNA Monitoring Tools (BNAMT-220)
      • BNA Logs & Reports (BNALR-220)
      • BNA Troubleshooting Tools (BNATR-220)
      • BNA COMPASS (COMP-220)
      • BNA Dashboards (DASH-220)
      • Brocade Network Advisor for Fibre Channel SAN Fabrics (BNA 200-SAN-WBT)
      • SANnav Overview (SANnOV-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal Firmware Management (SANnFW-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal Installation (SANnIN-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal Discovery (SANnDI-220)
      • BNA-SANn-220 BNA to SANnav migration (BNA-SANn-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal Zoning (SANnZO-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal Dashboard (SANnDA-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal Reports (SANnRP-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal Topology View (SANnTO-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal Inventory (SANnIV-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal Event Management (SANnEV-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal User Accounts (SANnUA-220)
      • SANnav Global View Overview (SANgOV-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal SupportSave Capture (SANnSS-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal Firmware Management (SANnFW-220)
      • SANnav Management Portal MAPs (SANnMP-220)



    • NVMe over Fibre Channel (FC-NVMe 101-WBT)



    • Device Connectivity Troubleshooting (TSDEV-320)
    • Switch Connectivity Troubleshooting (TSSW-320)
    • Performance Troubleshooting (TSPERF-320)



    Product update training are downloadable PDF guides that cover new Brocade product releases. These guides only provide details on new features and functionality specific to the release. It is intended for customers with knowledge and experience using existing Brocade products.  

    • Fabric OS Update Training (FOS 110-WBT)
    • Product Update Training: Fabric OS v8.2, G630, FC32-64 & Network Advisor v14.4 (PUT-227)
    • Fabric OS v8.2.1 Product Update Training (PUT-228)
    • 7810 Product Update Training (PUT-229)
    • SANnav v1.1 Product Update Training (PUT-230)
    • SANnav v1.1.1 Product Update Training (PUT-231)



    In addition to online courses, Brocade Education offers a wide array of short topic-based product training videos. To access the video content, search for “Product Training” from the Learning Portal search bar.

    • Brocade 6505 Switch Product Training (VID-6505-120)
    • Brocade 6510 Switch Product Training (VID-6510-120)
    • Brocade 6520 Switch Product Training (VID-6520-120)
    • Brocade 7810 Extension Switch Product Training (VID-7810-120)
    • Brocade 7840 Extension Switch Product Training (VID-7840-120)
    • Brocade DCX 8510-4 Product Training (VID-85104-120)
    • Brocade DCX 8510-8 Product Training (VID-85108-120)
    • Brocade G610 Switch Product Training (VID-G610-120)
    • Brocade G620 Switch Product Training (VID-G620-120)
    • Brocade G630 Switch Product Training (VID-G630-120)
    • Brocade X6-4 Director Product Training (VID-X64-120)
    • Brocade X6-8 Director Product Training (VID-X68-120)
    • Brocade X6-4 Director FC32-64 Port Blade Product Training (VID-X64FC3264-120)
    • Brocade X6-8 Director FC32-64 Port Blade Product Training (VID-X68FC3264-120)