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What is the definition for "ge_err_in_pkt_drop" on Brocade 7840 GE port

  • 1.  What is the definition for "ge_err_in_pkt_drop" on Brocade 7840 GE port

    Posted 02-20-2018 12:20 PM

    What is the confirmed definition of "ge_err_in_pkt_drop" on the Brocade 7840 portstatsshow geX.

    The FOS command guides (v7.4, 8.0, 8.1) do not list this counter under portstatsshow command.



    ge_stat_tx_frms                   15674495095 GE transmitted frames
    ge_stat_tx_octets              23127364265624 GE transmitted octets
    ge_stat_tx_ucast_frms             15674495094 GE transmitted unicast frames
    ge_stat_tx_mcast_frms                       0 GE transmitted multicast frames
    ge_stat_tx_bcast_frms                       1 GE transmitted broadcast frames
    ge_stat_tx_vlan_frms                        0 GE transmitted vlan frames
    ge_stat_tx_pause_frms                       0 GE transmitted pause frames
    ge_stat_rx_frms                    9177639930 GE received frames
    ge_stat_rx_octets               3550092696793 GE received octets
    ge_stat_rx_ucast_frms              8120892309 GE received unicast frames
    ge_stat_rx_mcast_frms                       0 GE received multicast frames
    ge_stat_rx_bcast_frms                  119405 GE received broadcast frames
    ge_stat_rx_vlan_frms                        0 GE received vlan frames
    ge_stat_rx_pause_frms              1056628216 GE received pause frames
    ge_err_carrier                              1 GE lost carrier sense  - ! May need attention -
    ge_err_length                               0 GE invalid length
    ge_err_crc                                  0 GE CRC Errors
    ge_err_abort                                0 GE abort frames
    ge_err_overrun                              0 GE overruns
    ge_err_fifo_ovf                             0 GE Fifo overflow

    ip_err_hdr_cksum                            0 IP Checksum Errors
    ip_err_tcp_data_chksum                      0 IP TCP Data Checksum Errors

    ge_stat_tx_octets                             23127364265624 GE  transmitted octets
    ge_stat_tx_pkts64octets                            218743222 GE  transmitted 64byte octets
    ge_stat_tx_pkts65to127octets                        33540832 GE  transmitted 65to127byte octets
    ge_stat_tx_pkts128to255octets                        2681932 GE  transmitted 128to255byte octets
    ge_stat_tx_pkts256to511octets                      210473536 GE  transmitted 256to511byte octets
    ge_stat_tx_pkts512to1023octets                      48704333 GE  transmitted 512to1023byte octets
    ge_stat_tx_pkts1024to1518octets                  15160351240 GE  transmitted 1024to1518byte octets
    ge_stat_tx_pkts1519to2047octets                            0 GE  transmitted 1519to2047byte octets
    ge_stat_tx_pkts2048to4095octets                            0 GE  transmitted 2048to4095byte octets
    ge_stat_tx_pkts4096to9216octets                            0 GE  transmitted 4096to9216byte octets
    ge_stat_rx_octets                              3550092696793 GE  received    octets
    ge_stat_rx_pkts64octets                           6225616722 GE  received    64byte octets octets
    ge_stat_rx_pkts65to127octets                       865675929 GE  received    65to127byte octets
    ge_stat_rx_pkts128to255octets                        4091174 GE  received    128to255byte octets
    ge_stat_rx_pkts256to511octets                        8106328 GE  received    256to511byte octets
    ge_stat_rx_pkts512to1023octets                      64374987 GE  received    512to1023byte octets
    ge_stat_rx_pkts1024to1518octets                   2009774790 GE  received    1024to1518byte octets
    ge_stat_rx_pkts1519to2047octets                            0 GE  received    1519to2047byte octets
    ge_stat_rx_pkts2048to4095octets                            0 GE  received    2048to4095byte octets
    ge_stat_rx_pkts4096to9216octets                            0 GE  received    4096to9216byte octets
    ge_stat_rx_pfc_control_frame                               0 GE  Rx PFC control frame
    ge_stat_tx_pfc_control_frame                               0 GE  Tx PFC control frame
    ge_err_in_pkt_drop                                1056628240 GE  Err In pkt DROP  <========
    ge_err_out_pkt_drop                                        0 GE  Err Out pkt DROP





  • 2.  Re: What is the definition for "ge_err_in_pkt_drop" on Brocade 7840 GE port

    Posted 02-21-2018 01:44 AM



    The packet drops are related to pause frames received from peer ge_stat_rx_pause_frms.

    ge_err_in_pkt_drop counter can be ignored as this is not errors by itself when ge_stat_rx_pause_frms is incrementing too.


  • 3.  Re: What is the definition for "ge_err_in_pkt_drop" on Brocade 7840 GE port

    Posted 02-21-2018 05:52 AM

    I have 1 question and 1 comment:


    Question:  Where can I find the Brocade document defining "ge_err_in_pkt_drop" for the 7840 using IP-extension.



    Comment:   I do not follow the error description provide.


    In my scenario the Ge10 and Ge11 interfaces are aggregated from local network side.  Ge10 and Ge11 are recording over 300 million increments in 4 days.   The overall issue is virtual tape performance traversing 7840s from local to remote site is effected.


    The ge_err_in_pkt_drop counter is the only counter thus far incrementing. Tunnels and circuits between 7840s seem okay

    but the 7840 local LAN inbound ports(Ge10 and Ge11) increment the ge_err_in_pkt_drop counter.


    So when you state "packet drops are related to pause frames received from peer ge_stat_rx_pause_frms."

    Do you mean "ge_err_in_pkt_drop" counts are only of concern if the same 7840  Ge interface also increments

    "ge_stat_rx_pause_frms" ?  


    Or do you mean if ge_err_in_pkt_drop counts are only of concern if the sending device's port has incrementing



  • 4.  Re: What is the definition for "ge_err_in_pkt_drop" on Brocade 7840 GE port

    Posted 02-21-2018 06:17 AM

    "ge_err_in_pkt_drop" counts are not a concern if the same 7840  Ge interface also increments



  • 5.  Re: What is the definition for "ge_err_in_pkt_drop" on Brocade 7840 GE port

    Posted 02-22-2018 08:15 AM

    Thank you.   We learned a bit more from Brocade/Broadcom Level 3 and it's essentially the same information you stated.


    "As observed the "ge_err_in_pkt_drop"  counter is the same value as the pause frames received. This is a limitation of an internal component. This counter is deprecated in newer levels.


    So, ignore "ge_err_in_pkt_drop"  and use rx_pause counter.  The "ge_err_in_pkt_drop"  will no longer be present in later FOS.