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Community Spotlight: Antonio Bongiorno TechHelp24

  • 1.  Community Spotlight: Antonio Bongiorno TechHelp24

    Community Manager
    Posted 06-30-2017 02:42 PM


    The Brocade Community first started back in 2003, as technical forums serving the Fibre Channel product line. OverTechHelp24_antonio_bongiorno.png the years, as we grew and expanded our product line, we enhanced the support Community as well. It expanded from offering just forums to including richer content like blogs and, technical documentation.


    The Brocade Community has come a long way over the years. It has grown in traffic, in features, and of course in the members themselves, with contributors from around the world. One of the first members to join the community back in 2003 was Antonio Bongiorno (aka TechHelp24) who is a Brocade Partner in Europe. Over the years, Antonio has worked with various Community Managers and the Brocade product teams to help answer questions within the Community. He has built a close relationship with our TAC Support team due to his consistently solid answers within the Community.

    We are pleased to highlight Antonio as our Spotlight Community Member of 2017. Below is an excerpt of a conversation with Antonio discussing why he first joined the community and how he has stayed engaged over the years.


    1. Why did you join the Brocade Community?
      I joined the community - aka “Brocade Connect” -- back in 2003. A quick side note -- my profile registration date shows as February 23, 2004; however, my actual registration was months earlier. When Brocade migrated from the first community platform to the second, my account was lost, so I had to re-register!

      Back in 2003, the community was focused exclusively on SAN switches. At that time, I already had experience with the first Brocade 1000 and FOS v1.2 as well as the 2000 Series switches with FOS v2.0. I then started working with the Brocade 12000 Director and FOS 4.0.0, so I decided to join the Community.

      In December 2003, I joined the “SAN Discovery” Program – now called SAN Health – which today is one of the most popular free SAN tools.

    2. Why have you continuously participated in the Brocade Community for over 15 years?
      Over the years I had the pleasure to collaborate with several Brocade Community Managers, including Laura Douglas, Venkatesh Kumar, Mike Eversole, and many more. Today I work closely with Jason McClellan and his team.

      I always try to provide the best answers to other members’ questions and to help improve the community in general. I like to think my involvement is welcome and has helped others as they were deploying Brocade solutions in their environments. For example, I remember when the community was migrated to Jive, and Venkatesh Kumar ask me for some input on how to make the community better. I suggested the idea of a training program for Brocade customers. Soon after that, Brocade Education Services launched, managed by Charlie Milhans, which evolved into Brocade University, managed by Joe Cannata.

    3. Have your customers benefited from your Brocade expertise and all the exposure you have had to the thousands of forum conversations over the past 15 years?
      Absolutely yes! Most customers appreciate my participation in the community and see the value it brings them. Being an active community contributor for more than 14 years is a key reason they trust and respect my work. It has also brought trust and respect from the community at large and helped me in my professional career.

      In 2011 my son Vincent (aka VinTech24) was only 9 years old but he was enthusiastic about SAN and networking. He got his first experience with SAN switches with the Brocade 200 and 4100, thanks to ex-Brocadian’s Leo Kappeler of Brocade Germany and Fabio Andreini of Brocade Italy. Today, he is 14 years old and has a lot of experience building and configuring complex server and networks environments. He is also able to 100% configure and manage some SAN Fabrics without any difficulty. I am really very proud of him!

    4. Please tell us how Brocade equipment and software fits into your Partner Business.
      Brocade has demonstrated over the years to be a leading player in SAN environments compared to other vendors. SAN switches are very intuitive to configure and very stable. In my experience -- working on many complex customer projects like Fabrics, mainframes, and open environments -- most customers choose to implement or migrate to Brocade products because of their superior technology.

      iSCSI, NAS, and IP Storage are simply sub-standard options – a “poor man’s SAN. While some "experts" have tried to declare the death Fibre Channel, the reality in the market shows exactly the opposite. FCoE was, in my opinion, a good invention and a valuable technology, but it faced a lot of unfortunate criticism when it launched. Many of those critics are now probably wondering if we will soon find some functions of FCoE in the newest NVMe technology. I certainly hope so!

      I’m firmly convinced that Fiber Channel will be an integral part of small or non-complex data center environments over the next 10-20 years. There is a lot of potential to implement new features, especially within virtual/software environments, adding new functionality.

    Antonio joined the Brocade Community to find others who were working on Brocade gear and looking for some help. Over the years, he became not only a top contributor but one of the most valued resources in the community by jumping in where he could add value, helping others and working with Brocade Support to provide the correct answer fast.

    Here one of Antonio’s most popular posts out of four thousand plus posts on the Brocade Community:

    Thank you, Antonio, for your years of engagement on the Brocade Community. I truly value your support, community interactions, and your friendship.

    Jason McClellan
    Brocade Community Manager



  • 2.  Re: Community Spotlight: Antonio Bongiorno TechHelp24

    Posted 07-24-2017 11:05 AM

     Hats off to Antonio. He is doing great service to Brocade SAN community. 

     I wish him and his son all the very best.


    Thanks to Brocade, Antonio and other folks who are helping other members.



  • 3.  Re: Community Spotlight: Antonio Bongiorno TechHelp24

    Posted 08-03-2017 02:33 AM

    Congratulations Antonio on being featured member on the Brocade forums. If there is any member who deserves this recognition, then it has to be you.

    I got introduced to Antonio from the Brocade forums sometime in 2008. Back then I was the department head for one of the largest SAN deployments in world. Many of Antonio's posts helped me and my team members. 


    In 2009-2010 though once I quit this position, I too started actively contributing to the Brocade forums and this is where my friendship with Antonio and his family grew stronger. I have never met him in person but my respect for his knowledge has only grown over the years. Also his willingness to help is beyond compare. 


    I have now been working with Hitachi Data Systems for the past 6+ years, I have often relied on Antonio for advice on Brocade technology. Since he has so much field experience its good to check with him on potential pitfalls or known issues, so that we dont spend time working on them all over. 


    I will soon be moving out of storage and into Big Data technology, but I hope to stay in touch with Antonio and who knows I may need to tap into his knowledge and experience in the future as well.


  • 4.  Re: Community Spotlight: Antonio Bongiorno TechHelp24

    Posted 08-21-2017 01:30 AM

    Congratulations Antonio !. Deserved one :)


  • 5.  Re: Community Spotlight: Antonio Bongiorno TechHelp24

    Posted 08-22-2017 07:25 AM

    When I read the community topics and I see that Mr. TechHelp24 posted some answers, these answers would most likely contain a solution to the problem, together with the detailed explanations, links to some other Brocade or third party resources and sometimes even with some rare manuals attached as PDF files. This is really impressive. Many thanks to Antonio for sharing his vast knowledge.