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Why Fibre Channel is Everywhere — and Staying There

By Scott Shimomura posted 03-29-2016 12:50 PM


Fibre Channel is Everywhere


It’s morning. By nightfall, 30 billion transactions will have run over the world’s Fibre Channel networks. And we’re not talking about penny ante, bubble gum-buying transactions. We’re talking banking. Airlines. Major retailers. We’re talking about organizations that drive major segments of global economies, and mission-critical transactions that affect vast numbers of people.


Fibre Channel is the storage network of choice for these heavy-hitters of the enterprise world, for good reason. Actually, for many goods reasons. These four top the list:

  • Unmatched performance: A Fibre Channel network can move 15 years’ worth of HD video in 10 minutes.
  • Unprecedented reliability: With 99.9999% uptime, a Fibre Channel network experiences less than 32 seconds of unplanned downtime per year.
  • Massive scalability: A single fabric can scale to tens of thousands of devices, and carry 3Pb of data.
  • Inherent security: A Fibre Channel network is dedicated, isolated, and inherently access- controlled, helping you prevent cyberattacks that could cost in the neighborhood of $474,000 per hour of data center downtime.

That’s the present. But what about the future?


Growing Importance

Looking forward, we see that physical servers are hosting more virtual machines (VMs) and driving more workloads than ever before. Storage levels are experiencing double-digit annual growth. All Flash Arrays (AFAs) are delivering stunning storage media performance at increasingly affordable price points.


Storage networks can be the enabler to all of that progress, or they can be the bottleneck. The pressure is on. At no other point in history has the choice of a storage networking technology been so tightly tied to business success. And at no other point in history have users had the choices in storage networks that they have today. Making the right choice is critical.  


The Network Matters

Fibre Channel networks are optimized for performance, reliability, scalability, and security—attributes that are uniquely aligned with today’s most significant technology trends and the business needs of large enterprises. Performance and scalability optimization is an ideal match for the speed of flash technology and the volume of virtualized workloads. Security and reliability optimization is crucial for the high level of cyber threat and the stringent service level agreements (SLAs) that enterprises address today.


For these reasons, 96% of banks, airlines, and retailers rely on Fibre Channel. It’s the most trusted, widely deployed network infrastructure for enterprise storage. And 70% of that infrastructure runs on Brocade Fibre Channel solutions.


Brocade has been driving Fibre Channel development since its inception. That’s six generations of technology, which have been integral to every wave of storage advancement in the data center. Throughout that evolution, Brocade has helped customers deliver more value from their applications and infrastructure with an ongoing commitment to Fibre Channel innovation.


To learn more about the value Fibre Channel can bring to your environment, check out the Brocade Fibre Channel Possibilities page.

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