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Optimize Bandwidth Utilization and Maintain Full WAN Performance

By Scott Shimomura posted 08-17-2015 07:00 AM


Today’s organizations depend on fast, reliable access to data wherever and whenever needed, regardless of location. The ramifications and potential business impact of an unreliable disaster recovery and data protection infrastructure are greater than ever.


The Brocade 7840 Extension Switch provides a suite of features — from pre-deployment validation to advanced network failure recovery technologies — to ensure a continuously available storage extension infrastructure. One unique feature is Adaptive Rate Limiting which dynamically adjusts bandwidth sharing between minimum and maximum rate limits to optimize bandwidth utilization and maintain maximum WAN performance during disruptions.


With Adaptive Rate Limiting, organizations can optimize bandwidth utilization and maintain full WAN performance of the link during periods when a path is offline due to an extension platform, IP network device, or array controller outage. Adaptive Rate Limiting uses dynamic bandwidth sharing between minimum (floor) and maximum (ceiling) rate limits to achieve maximum available performance during failure situations. In addition, with unprecedented amounts of storage data crossing extension connections and consuming larger, faster links, Brocade has enhanced Adaptive Rate Limiting to react 10 times faster to varying traffic patterns that compete for WAN bandwidth or use shared interfaces.


Product Manager Truls Myklebust and Andy Dooley of the engineering team discuss technical details of the Brocade Adaptive Rate Limiting for Brocade extension solutions, including:

  • How the feature works
  • Why it is important
  • Design considerations to achieve maximum replication throughput in cases where something goes wrong