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Increase Flash Storage Value with Fibre Channel

By Scott Shimomura posted 04-05-2016 06:08 AM


Fibre Channel can move 15 years of HD video in 10 min


The jaw-dropping speed of flash technology is a welcome innovation for storage administrators struggling with double-digit growth. The challenge is leveraging that speed across the data center. Without a high-performance storage network anchored by a low-latency, highly reliable switching infrastructure, implementing flash will simply shift storage bottlenecks from the storage media to the storage network. Flash advantage: negated.


Fibre Channel networks deliver the consistently high performance needed to move workloads at any scale, at flash-leveraging speeds. Imagine moving the entire digital Library of Congress in seven seconds. Or moving 15 years’ worth of high definition (HD) video in ten minutes. That’s what Fibre Channel brings to the table. In fact, Fibre Channel is the network solution most frequently selected by storage administrators to meet their flash storage requirements.


Gen 6 Fibre Channel

The recently introduced Gen 6 Fibre Channel, in particular, is designed to meet the growing performance requirements of flash storage driven by hyper-scale virtualization. Brocade Fibre Channel solutions are already delivering Gen 6 Fibre Channel products that are redefining enterprise storage.


Despite increasingly affordable prices, flash technology is still a significant investment. Storage administrators need to get the greatest possible return by ensuring that the advantages of flash performance are realized data center-wide. The best way to do that is with a Fibre Channel network.


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