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Transformation is Everywhere-From Music to the Data Center-Are You Ready?

By Michelle Lemieux-Dimas posted 04-17-2018 05:30 AM


The rise of digital transformation is changing everything around us. This ranges from traditional communication, to day-to-day activities, to interaction with others, and even the way we do business. Take music for example, we no longer carry around a portfolio of CDs for a road trip or buy a collection of CDs to hear a handful of our favorite songs. Mobile devices are revolutionizing how we consume music. But at the end of the day music is still music. The difference is the way we access and obtain music.


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We expect to access our music in the fastest and easiest way possible. With new applications and on-demand services like Pandora and Spotify, we can set a type of genre or artist and the tool will automatically play our favorite music or pick from a set of music that we might like, all served up directly to us without having to manually select anything. This is a great example of how we are taking the manual steps, cost and thinking out of the equation.

This evolution is changing how we do business too. Organizations are embracing digital transformation to help deliver superior customer experiences with the ability to respond faster and in a more flexible way. Like mobile devices, flash has revolutionized storage, bringing speed of data access to business. But the reality is that these rapid changes in technology have only scratched the surface of what organizations can do.


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With next-generation NVMe storage on the horizon, we expect to see a dramatic acceleration in flash performance, unlocking new capabilities and the power needed for next generation applications. With impressive performance organizations will be able to transform their data center into a high-performing, highly-efficient tool that can drive new and innovating ways to deliver data and services with speed. Suddenly, the same data will be accessed and delivered in a much faster and better way, with more services, enabling a better experience in our business lives. For those of us who have lived through the previous wave of consumer innovation in digital entertainment, it now doesn’t take much to imagine how this new wave of change will look with the advantages that are about to be realized with an all-flash data center with NVMe. The possibility for innovation is endless.


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However, legacy infrastructures were not designed to support the performance requirements of evolving workloads and flash-based storage technology. In fact, an aging network will impede the performance of an all-flash data center. Take records for example, they could not handle the demand of modern music consumption thus leading to the evolution of CDs, MP3s and now streaming services. Like this evolution, businesses are feeling the same pressure to evolve to keep up with innovation and demands, thus a modern network is required to unlock the full capabilities of flash. Brocade is modernizing Fibre Channel and developing capabilities to optimize IT with NVMe-ready Fibre Channel so organizations can build a foundation to support future innovation. Brocade Gen 6 platforms are purpose-built to handle the low-latency requirements of NVMe and through new software optimization, Brocade® Gen 6 Fibre Channel squeezes out 15% more latency, which will deliver the speed needed to unleash the full potential of flash.

Our unrelenting expectations to pack more into our hand held devices is bleeding into what we want and demand out of our day-to-day business life. Broadcom is bringing these capabilities to the data center. With new high-density 128-port Brocade G630 switch and the 64-port blade for the Brocade X6 Director organizations can pack more into their data center to handle more data and add more applications and services. The high-density switch and blade extends IO Insight advanced monitoring for NVMe over Fibre Channel. This enhanced visibility gives organizations the instrumentation needed to deliver optimal network health and performance to maximize productivity, increase the efficiency of their storage investments and increase the performance of their business resulting in a better experience to their customers.


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With the rapid pace of innovation in the data center, things naturally get more complicated as you need to handle more data and add more applications and services. More time is spent on deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting tasks to maintain service-level agreements and keep up with demands. Did you know that organizations spend nearly half of their time performing repetitive daily management tasks, such as zoning, inventory reporting, and operational validation checks? Kind of like us spending lots of time with our music before on-demand streaming services were available. What streaming did for music, Brocade automation technology will do for SAN management by simplifying operations and freeing up resources to focus on business optimization and driving revenue.

By automating repetitive tasks, IT organizations can now complete these tasks in a fraction of the time. By introducing REST APIs directly into its switch and management products, Brocade offers a broad range of choices to enable any SAN management solution. IT organizations that couple Brocade’s robust data collecting capabilities with automation and orchestration tools (such as Ansible) gain the ability to automate configuration tasks and the visibility to monitor and detect any performance or health changes.


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Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel makes innovation possible by unlocking the full capabilities of the all-flash data center and increases the productivity and performance of their business, making things we never thought were possible a reality.
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