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The Real Deal

By Marcus Thordal posted 05-01-2018 08:30 AM


We are very excited to showcase the Brocade© SAN portfolio, now with the latest release (April 7th) instrumented with automation tools based on RESTful API support on the switches. This release also included a new switch Brocade G630 and port blade FC32-64; delivering  the highest density Gen6 switch and blade in the market, both come with built in analytics for NVMe and with the blade new connectivity options for UCS.


Let me describe the demos we are show casing in more detail



We take you through how you can get started with automating daily repetitive tasks such as inventory, monitoring and provisioning of SAN Automation for Dummies your SAN. Based on these examples experience the layered automation model with RESTful API support in FOS, PyFOS library functions and how you can integrate SAN into workflow automation in third-party tools such as Ansible and others.

To help you get even better understanding of SAN Automation Chip Copper is handing out signed copies of his latest book “SAN Automation for Dummies”






Gen 6 Fabric Vision©

Brocade Fabric Vision technology is an extension of Brocade Gen 5 and Gen 6 Fibre Channel solutions, with a suite of technology innovation that is unmatched in the industry.

With Gen 6 Fibre Channel visibility and monitoring is improved with IO Insight and VM Insight delivering granular visibility into select application flows and virtual machines. We will demonstrate all features across the suite and guide you how to optimize your SAN operations with modification/creation of at a glance dashboards, physical link testing and automatic discovery of slow drain devices combined with policy-based quarantine and much more.


                                                Fabric Vision



Faster Flash with NVMe over Fibre Channel

The next big thing in storage is already here with NVMe which significantly improves performance by reducing latency and enabling high levels of parallelism. NVMe delivers faster flash storage, internal in the storage arrays, and soon to be available for host connectivity. With Brocade Gen 5 & Gen 6 you can run NVMe over Fibre Channel already today, providing the best investment protection for storage networking.

We are demonstrating how you can concurrently run applications respectively on a FC LUN and a NVME namespace (NSID) with the same host and HBA at the same time.




Replicate and Protect Data Faster

A purpose-built data center extension solution for Fibre Channel and IP storage environments, the Brocade Extension solution is designed for high-speed, secure transport of data between data centers while maintaining uptime. This enterprise-class solution enables storage and mainframe administrators to optimize and manage the use of WAN bandwidth, secure data over distance, minimize the impact of disruptions, and maintain SLAs. Come and see a live demonstration of highly available, secure and efficient data replication at different WAN distances with various degree of packet loss on the WAN circuits for both FC replication and IP storage replication.



VMware Integration

With the rapid increase in dense virtualization-driven by DELL PowerEdge and high-performance arrays from EMC (Unity, VMAX & XIO) combined with more Business Critical Applications being virtualized on VMware vSphere the need for granular visibility across virtual machines and physical storage is greater than ever. We are demonstrating how you can utilize VM Insight on Gen 6 from Brocade to get exact visibility into each VMs individual storage traffic as part of the flow from vSphere host to a specific LUN. This level of visibility is unprecedented across any other storage connectivity model for VMware.

                                              VM Insight


Looking forward to show you the real deal at Dell Technologies World!