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The Future With EMC VMAX All Flash And EMC Connectrix B-Series

By Marc Angelinovich posted 02-29-2016 08:15 AM


CIO’s are challenged with transforming their data center to address new requirements that go well beyond speed and capacity. Enterprise Data Centers are struggling with delivering services to meet the explosion of data, granular analytics and automation while delivering the reliability and availability enterprises have relied on for years. The future of the enterprise’s success is dependent on being able to quickly move forward from a rigid legacy environment to a more agile, and resilient, end-to-end flash optimized architecture.


The past, present and future of top data center components

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The logical question is, what does it mean to have an end-to-end flash optimized architecture? Designing a data center for the future is about meeting mission critical business needs with a wide variety of services including physical and virtual visibility, end-to-end management with automation, plug and play optimization and predictable ultra-fast performance at scale.


EMC Announces New VMAX All Flash


Starting with the new EMC VMAX All Flash, it delivers world class multi-dimensional scale, harmonious integration, business continuity and seamless automation. The VMAX All Flash is designed to support the most mission-critical systems and applications with six-nines availability and unprecedented performance to enable consolidation of diverse workloads onto a single VMAX.

 EMC VMAX All Flash

To optimize the environment from end-to-end, the all new VMAX All Flash, should be deployed with the EMC Connectrix B-series Gen 5 Fibre Channel platform, which are purpose built to meet the demands of a highly virtualized environments optimized with flash. These virtualized environments need a network that can handle nonstop relentless demand to meet performance requirements. The EMC Connectrix B-series Gen 5 Fibre Channel fabrics maximize system performance, scalability, manageability and availability of all-flash storage and together with the EMC VMAX All Flash array, enable applications to perform tasks significantly faster.


EMC Connectrix B-Series


The EMC Connectrix B-series platform not only delivers the performance needed to meet SLAs but also provides deep visibility into the physical and virtual traffic behaviors, automates monitoring, and simplifies diagnostic and management capabilities with Fabric Vision technology. Integration with VMware Log Insight further extends Fabric Vision’s innovative monitoring, and management capabilities. Together, the VMAX All Flash management tools and Fabric Vision technology allow SAN administrators to realize considerable time savings, along with a comprehensive and holistic view of their virtual and physical storage environment.


The combination of the EMC VMAX All Flash with Gen 5 Connectirx platforms allow administrators to take full advantage of the high performance of the latest, most cost efficient 3D NAND Flash drive technology to deliver multi-dimensional scale, large write cache buffering, back end write aggregation, high IOPS, and large front end and back end bandwidth. With this combination, CIO’s can feel confident in having a powerful solution to transform their business to address future requirements caused by the data explosion of highly virtualized environments.


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