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Enterprises Pursuit of Gold Without Data Insights

By Marc Angelinovich posted 08-23-2016 05:00 AM


Every four years the greatest athletes in the world come together, but are the 2016 Rio games different than in years past? According to BBC news, athletes are leveraging data more than ever to help them win medals. Whether it’s the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) closely monitoring 2,000 athletes each week or the USA track cycling team collecting performance metrics from their gear and bikes so that they can wirelessly project the data into their glasses, the insights provided have been paramount to these athletes success.


Australian Institute of Sport

Australian Institute of Sport Image



How is the use of data from world class athletes any different than what enterprises are working towards with the digital transformation?  Like the ever increasing competition on the world’s most competitive stage, enterprises are faced with new requirements and evolving datacenter workloads that require non-stop performance and availability. The only way to provide 24 hours by 7 days a week  business operation and always-on performance is to invest in tools that deliver deep visibility into the application end-to-end performance across the infrastructure as well as detection and notification of any potential problems. This is similar to the cyclist monitoring for performance behavior changes like pedal cadence slowing down.


In reality, most enterprises do not have the tools that can deliver the same level of insights into their performance as today’s elite athletes possess. According to the Ponemon Institute Cost of Downtime Study, 52% of unplanned outages could have been prevented by investing in improved equipment. Many times, enterprises rely on guesswork and IT experience to try to identify and resolve issues across their infrastructure.  This is much like having a competitive fencing event in the dark.


Brocade has created an innovative solution to help enterprises address digital transformation and gain deep insights into their application performance. The Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform introduces capabilities providing organizations with end-to-end visibility and greater insight into application performance.  As a result, customers can reduce nearly 70 percent of storage networking latency and performance-related problems by quickly identifying changes in performance behaviors while pinpointing the root cause of issues before users are affected.



Brocade Analytics Platform Monitoring


New Brocade Analytics Platform Monitoring Features

The Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform is a purpose-built SAN appliance that measures application- and device-level I/O performance and analyzes traffic behavior within Brocade Gen 6 and Gen 5 Fibre Channel networks.  The solution delivers actionable intelligence to administrators enabling them to optimize application performance.  Utilizing Brocade Fabric Vision™ technology and the Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform delivers non-invasive and non-disruptive, end-to-end performance data to dramatically reduce troubleshooting time. You can learn more about these previously announced Analytics Platform Monitoring features in my previous blog: Gaining Deeper Insight into Your Applications Performance.


The new Analytics Monitoring Platform features Flow Collections and Flow Filtering allowing users to customize monitoring levels per device or application or other uniquely defined logical groups of multiple data flows.  The ability to create logical groups of highly granular flow information simplifies configuration, speeds up the planning process and provides intuitive and flexible monitoring options for users. Flow Filtering pinpoints critical information of interest even in the most complex, virtualized environments with thousands of devices and tens of thousands of flows. The Analytics Monitoring Platform also greatly improves the report-generation capability. Any dashboard within the UI can be exported in matter of a few seconds.


All of this information is provided within a modern, light-weight, highly responsive web-based user interface with increased scale to deliver an optimized enterprise-class user experience. This helps customers to “get on the medal stand” like one of the USA cycling team members did from taking advantage of key race metrics and real-time insights readily available  from their riding glasses. 



To learn more, stop by the Brocade booth at VMworld 2016 for a live Analytics Platform Monitoring demo.


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