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The NVMe Party Begins

By Curt.Beckmann posted 11-22-2016 12:00 AM


There’s been a lot of buzz about NVMe in the last year, as well as growing noise around NVMe-over-Fabrics.  There are several technology options for transporting NVMe-over-Fabrics, and so of course there are competitive claims about which is the best choice.  One of the claims that always makes me shake my head is when one side is behind on the performance numbers, so they base their performance claims on a future generation of their technology, but compare it to the current generation of the alternative technology.  Thus, we’ve seen arguments that the 50 gigabit Ethernet solutions will outperform Gen6 Fibre Channel (also called 32 gigabit).  Except there’s no adoption of 50GE now…  Gen6 runs FC-NVMe today, and it beats today’s 25GE, and when 50GE is out, Gen7 will be there also.


As in all the speed wars, the latest-greatest thing will pretty much always beat something from last year… because if it didn’t, the vendor wouldn’t launch it…  So the better question is not which technology is incrementally faster, but which technology delivers what you need, including performance, reliability, interoperability, scalability, etc.



With those thoughts in mind, I was happy to see this short video produced by our friends at Emulex/Broadcom.  It walks quickly through the trend toward NVMe, which exemplifies the shrinking of the gap between memory and storage technologies.  The video then talks about the reasons why NVMe over Fibre Channel is emerging as the preferred choice for enterprises.  It’s a great little asset for getting folks familiar with FC-NVMe.  If you need some assets that go bit deeper, we’ve got some of those as well, like this blog (links to part 1 and part 2) on why you should care about NVMe-over-Fabrics, which also links to another video by our own inimitable AJ Casamento.


Looking forward to connecting with you on this fun NVMe ride! 

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