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Welcome to the New Era -- The Era of Gen 6

By Celeste Crystal posted 09-26-2016 10:29 AM





Finally, you can unleash the true power of your applications. Shatter the limitations of legacy infrastructure. Experience four times the storage networking speed, and leapfrog your competition with query speeds that are 71% faster than before[1]. This is speed you can feel and the power of the network elevating your data center to the next level. Brocade Gen 6 delivers time-tested, mission critical reliability with the lowest latency, highest performance for flash.  It opens the floodgates of data accessibility like never before. It enables the most demanding workloads, the newest applications, the most advanced accessibility in analytics requirements to be implemented seamlessly, with unprecedented precision and speed. This is Brocade Gen 6; it’s unique, singular, and powerful in ways we are only beginning to see.


The latest news at NetApp Insight this week is that NetApp’s flash-optimized storage arrays with ONTAP software now offer a 32 Gbps Gen 6 target card.  This coupled with being one of the first to implement 32 Gbps storage networking with the Brocade X6 and Brocade G620, NetApp is now enabling the highest performing host-to-storage solution available on the market. This means opening up the world to better, faster applications, with the ultimate in high IOPS and low latency. The time has come for the network to truly rise up and achieve breakthrough performance in applications like never before. For the IT leader implementing social, analytics, mobile, and cloud—that is, 3rd platform technologies—this means there is finally a tool in their arsenal to unlock new value from data at the highest performance levels.


Faster applications, speed, analytics? Is something missing?  

What distinguishes Brocade Gen 6 technology isn’t just the ultimate in speed and performance.  It’s the uncanny ability of Brocade Fabric Vision technology to see into the network with a visibility tool that delivers new clarity. The clarity of identifying, then understanding issues before they turn into problems is instrumental to operational stability.  Brocade Gen 6 technology is integrated with IO Insight, the industry’s only integrated network sensor that provides deeper visibility into the IO performance of storage infrastructure.  This enhanced visibility enables quick identification of degraded application performance at host and storage tiers reducing time to resolution. Now you can see the future before it happens, impact the outcome before it plays out, and intercept disasters before they happen.  This ultimate throughput, availability, and visibility for maximum performance.





There’s no turning back now…

We are officially entering a new era, the era of Gen 6. Businesses today are compelled to drive data center modernization with critical applications that only intensify the need for uninterrupted access and high-performance. The world is changing fast, and the momentum of change is unstoppable. The data center must adapt to the mandates of Digital Transformation and the high-speed, customer-centric efficiency, and agility that comes with it. At this point, we’re at the tip of the iceberg- and there’s so much more to come.  While NetApp is at the vanguard of advancing transformational change in the data center, they are in good company.  We are now seeing a wave of flash storage leaders that are rising to the occasion. Are you ready for the Gen 6 evolution?


If you want to learn more about Brocade Gen 6, check out these resources:



[1] Additional Emulex/Broadcom “real world” benchmark testing revealed, across the board, 32Gbps Fibre Channel improved flash storage with ~4x workload completion time improvements across Oracle data warehousing and multiple data access transactions. What does this convert into? When IT leaders quadruple the number of transactions or the performance of their applications four-fold, customers see faster access times, and demonstrable speed in all transactions.