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Is Fibre Channel Difficult to Set Up in Smaller Environments?

By Celeste Crystal posted 07-25-2017 09:51 AM


What if you could set up your SAN in as much time as it takes to make a cup of coffee? Even a first-time user can quickly set up 1-2-3.pngand configure a SAN fabric with the simplicity that is built in to Brocade switches. With the Brocade EZSwitchSetup wizard, the switch is up and running in three easy steps. 


Don’t just take our word for it: watch how easy it is to set up a Brocade SAN switch

When resources are tight, small-sized businesses can benefit from Brocade’s installation wizard to deploy their SAN faster than ever. And when time is of the essence, optimizing efforts around set-up, deployment, and management of the SAN infrastructure becomes critical. By implementing easy to use basic default configuration settings, each prompt in the setup wizard guides the user through the process. The wizard suggests the best port configuration and device connections utilizing a visual tool to highlight the ports on the switch.

In addition to easy deployment, EZSwitchSetup enables management and monitoring using default or customizable settings. The EZSwitchSetup Switch Manager monitors the switch, including port and field-replaceable unit (FRU) status, and enables Ports on Demand (POD). EZSwitchSetup is easy to utilize from the computer you are currently using for SAN administration, or it can be run from a laptop connected to the SAN switch.


Once the storage network is up and running, the EZSwitchSetup Switch Manager provides ongoing monitoring, enabling visibility into the switch status, port status, temperature, fan, and power supply status. You can even view HBA and storage connections to the switch, obtain information about devices connected to the switch and see the accessibility between HBAs and storage. With EZSwitchSetup, even resource-constrained organizations can quickly get up and running with best-in-class Brocade Fibre Channel technology in a matter of minutes.

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