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Steps to the Modern Datacenter

By Anon Anon posted 04-29-2016 04:01 PM


If you’re like me then you planned to be ready for EMC World 2016 a week ago, but in reality today marks the real final day of preparation before your journey to the Storage event of the year.  This will mark my 10th consecutive return to EMC World and as I take stock of Brocade’s plans I’m thrilled by what we will offer.


Brocade’s booth (#612) will be a must-attend hot spot of the show for anyone looking to take that next step to the modernized Datacenter.  If you’ve embraced the process to Automate and Transform how systems and data are applied to your business, the brocade booth has a wealth of exciting information, demos and experts ready to talk through the 5-Step journey to the modern datacenter.


Increase Business Agility


Inherent in those steps, improved insight throughout data operations is a fundamental need in meeting the pressures and requirements put on a datacenter to rapidly increase scale while improving efficiency and, of course, always increase quality.  Our team will provide an in-depth look into Fabric Vision, the power that Gen 6 Fibre Channel can bring, and the unmatched actionable performance intelligence that operators are gaining through the Analytics Monitoring Platform.

 analytics monitoring platform


Automation is top of mind for all datacenter designers. For users of 3rd, second or even 1st platform tools, automating workflows is the only way to achieve the scale and stability demanded.  With our VCS Fabric based IP Storage Solutions and the VDX Switch Configurator, we’ll showcase the value of automation integrated through the network fabric and out to external tools to help manage the workflow for provisioning new storage networks.  Are you a VMware user?  Then integration is an area to ask us about…


In the high performance space, applying the right tool to the storage need comes down to one technology time and time again - Flash.  EMC Continually raises the industry bar for flash and we’ll be showcasing our joint solution with Unity.  If you’re looking for Flash, IP Storage or scale-out storage solutions then the Brocade Booth (#612) is where to be.


For years I have lived by the simple maxim: Adapt, Migrate or Die.  Well, as I think about the week ahead and the many conversations I’m looking forward to having with customers throughout the event, there is a new trend in the air: Modernize, Automate, or Transform.  I expect that many professionals have already taken logical steps in the planning and growth of their datacenters, but the path forward can be complex with the range of new demands and approaches that have come to market.  Come talk with any of our experts about where you are on that journey and what challenges remain that we can help turn into opportunities!


Learn more about Brocade at EMC World!