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BCM84881 10G Copper Linux Kernel Driver

  • 1.  BCM84881 10G Copper Linux Kernel Driver

    Posted 08-26-2019 12:06 AM
    Edited by John Howe 26 days ago


    My company is currently trying to use the BCM84881 10G Cu PHY and we don't have any Linux kernel driver source so I can proceed to use this PHY properly and report back the device capabilities to the PHY stack.

    I wrote a custom Linux MDIO bus driver (clause 45 of the 802.3ae specification) for our FPGA MDIO interface and I can see the PHY is being polled for the device and vendor identification properly.

    Is there an official Broadcom Linux PHY driver for the BCM84881 so I can report proper operation modes back to the Linux PHY stack?

    Thanks in advance,


    John H