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BCM84881 10G Copper Linux Kernel Driver

  • 1.  BCM84881 10G Copper Linux Kernel Driver

    Posted 08-26-2019 12:06 AM


    My company is currently trying to use the BCM84881 10G Cu PHY and we don't have any Linux kernel driver source so I can proceed to use this PHY properly.

    I wrote a custom MDIO bus driver for for Xilinx ZynqMP FPGA hardware we are using, but need the source code for the BCM84881 Linux Kernel so we can configure the 802.3ae clause 45 registers properly.

    I wrote a CLI tool to tool to programnthe SPIROM over the MDIO interface @ 25MHz MDC with a Release Candidate firmware and the only other PHY it will connect to is another PCB with the same PHY.​

    Trying to get this thing working properly has been very difficult and not even sure we were given the most updated firmware for the MDIO SPIROM. And have only got simple ICMP pings working through this PHY. UDP has 1/4 the expected throughput and TCP is mostly retries using Xilinx ZynqMP eMAC (USXGMII).

    I see that Marvell has their source code available for their family of 10G Cu PHYs:


    We have been using Marvell exclusively until this project and I need some help getting the Linux Kernel Driver source so the MDIO cls45 sub-system will configure this PHY correctly.

    Again, I am not even sure we were given the latest and greatest f/w files for this PHY.

    Can anybody help me so I can proceed with bringing this PHY up?

    Thanks in advance,

    John H