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How to to packet capture in BCM switch, FYI we are using BCM.0 in our Hardware

  • 1.  How to to packet capture in BCM switch, FYI we are using BCM.0 in our Hardware

    Posted 01-29-2019 02:52 AM

    How to do packet packet from a particular port in the BCM switches.

    I will explain my scenario, we have a Hw that is having BCM as switch fabric, so packets from switch fabric are forwarded to a controller, but there we are observering some discards. We donot know what is the reason for the discards, and what those packets are. If we could able to capture packets in the bcm port, we could able to identify the reason for discarding and the packet.



    BCM.0> version
    Broadcom Command Monitor: Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Broadcom Corporation
    Release: unknown built no datestamp (no date)
    From unknown@unknown:unknown
    Platform: x86_64
    OS: Unix (Posix)





    BCM56850_A0, BCM56340_A0,

    PHYs: BCM5218, BCM5220/21, BCM5226, BCM5228,
    BCM5238, BCM5248, BCM5324/FE, BCM5348/FE,
    BCM53242/FE, BCM53262/FE, BCM53101/FE, BCM53280/FE,
    BCM53600/FE, BCM5400, BCM5401, BCM5402,
    BCM5404, BCM5424/34, BCM5411, BCM5461,
    BCM5464, BCM5466, BCM5478, BCM5488,
    BCM54980, BCM54980, BCM54980, BCM54980,
    BCM53314, BCM5482/801x, BCM54684, BCM54640,
    BCM54682E, BCM54684E, BCM54685, BCM54616,
    BCM84707, BCM84073, BCM84074, BCM84728,
    BCM84748, BCM84727, BCM84747, BCM84762,
    BCM84764, BCM84042, BCM84044, BCM54280,
    BCM54282, BCM54240, BCM54285, BCM5428X,
    BCM54290, BCM54292, BCM54294, BCM54295,
    BCM5421S, BCM54680, BCM53324, BCM53125,
    BCM53128, BCM53010, BCM53018, BCM5302X
    BCM54880, BCM54881, BCM54810, BCM54811,
    BCM89500, BCM54640E, BCM54880E, BCM54680E,
    BCM52681E, BCM8703, BCM8704, BCM8705/24/25,
    BCM8706/8726, BCM8727, BCM8728/8747, BCM8072,
    BCM8073, BCM8074, BCM8040, BCM8481X,
    BCM84812, BCM84821, BCM84822, BCM84823,
    BCM84833, BCM84834, BCM84835, BCM84836,
    BCM84844, BCM84846, BCM84848, BCM8750,
    BCM8752, BCM8754, BCM84740, BCM84164,
    BCM84758, BCM84780, BCM84784, BCM84328,
    BCM84793, BCM82328, copper sfp



    Phy information is captured below, and we need a packet capture in the interface/port : xe27( 85)


    BCM.0> phy info
    Phy mapping dump:
    port id0 id1 addr iaddr name timeout
    xe0( 1) 0 0 1 a1


    Please help us on this.