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BCM953284R Reference Design + CLI

  • 1.  BCM953284R Reference Design + CLI

    Posted 06-07-2017 02:40 AM


    We recently purchased the BCM953284R Reference Design to assist us with our software development for our own Broadcom SOC based switch card. We are currently using the BCM53286 SOC in our system, but the BCM53284 (which is the device used in the BCM953284R Reference Design) is close enough for our needs.

    I have a few questions.

    1) When we received the BCM953284R Reference Design, it did not come with any documentation. It appears that the only interface to configure the BCM953284R Reference Design is via the RS232 Console Port and the CLI - there appears to be no 'user-friendly' front-end (configuration GUI accessible via a network port for example). Is this right? Does all configuration of the Reference Design have to go through the Console Port?

    2) We have signed an NDA with Broadcom which has given me access to docSafe and through it i have managed to obtain the 'SMB Diagnostics Shell Commands - SMB-QSG104-RDS' document, which i though would cover and explain all the CLI interface commands. However it doesn't appear to cover them all - the following are a list of the commands which are supported by the BCM953284R Reference Design (using HELP at the CLI prompt) which do not appear in the document (there are quite a few others too, but i don't think they are relevant to us).









    What do these extra commands do?

    There is also a command which is in the 'SMB-QSG104-RDS' document, but is not supported on our Reference Design. This is:


    Our Reference Design S/W build information:

    BCM.0> version

                  Broadcom Command Monitor: Copyright (c) 1998-2008 Broadcom Corporation

                  Broadcom Command Monitor: Copyright (c) 1998-2008 Broadcom Corporation

                  From sdkrel@lc-sj1-3199:/tmp/sdkrel/26243/sdk

                  Platform: KEYSTONE

                  OS: VxWorks 6.6

                  Boot string: flash(0,0):bcm.keystone o=;mac=00:0A:F7:94:D9:1A

                  ROBO Chips: BCM5324_A0, BCM5324_A1, BCM5396_A0, BCM5389_A0,

                  BCM5398_A0, BCM5397_A0, BCM5348_A0, BCM5347_A0,

                  BCM5395_A0, BCM53242_A0, BCM53262_A0, BCM53115_A0,

                  BCM53118_A0, BCM53280_A0, BCM53280_B0, BCM53101_A0,

                  BCM53125_A0, BCM53128_A0

    3) Its not the easiest thing to configure with the 'SMB-QSG104-RDS' document alone. Is this the only documentation available for the BCM953284R Reference Design?. Are there any documents showing how to configure the system, apart from the few examples on the document?

    4) While we were setting up the NDA, we also signed and completed two SLA's for the Broadcom SDK. Do these SLA's give us access to the SDK source code? If so, how do we access it? We have heard nothing since the completed the SLA's (they were accepted OK). I have raised the question with our local Broadcom contact too who was dealing with the SLA's and NDA and am currently awaiting their response.