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Broadcom 57414 Question - 10gbps connectivity

  • 1.  Broadcom 57414 Question - 10gbps connectivity

    Posted 05-22-2019 11:14 AM


    We are looking at using Dell R740 servers for a new project, and we want to future proof them from a network perspective by putting 25gbps NIC's in, specifically the Broadcom 57414 10/25Gbps adapters.


    Our current ToR networking is Cisco Nexus currently only 10gbps capable, we won't be upgrading the network within the next 12 months due to budgetary reasons and we want to use FC connectivity to avoid any DAC compatability issues.


    Question is, can we install the 25Gbps SFP28 optics in these NICs to communicate with the 10Gbps optics in the switches (as in will they multirate down to 10gbps) or do we need to use 10gbps optics?...