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[TRANSCRIPT] askCA: CA Workload Automation AutoSys Edition (AE) (February 2018) 

Feb 12, 2018 01:42 PM

Jim Spath: G'day!

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Everyone: Good morning! Let's get started. What questions do you have for the team?

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim Good morning!

Jim Spath: I have started on a task to view/update alarms from AutoSys.  Using Java, but not finding much on best practices other than the sample documents. 

Jim Spath: I don't know Java well.  Mike Woods sent me some examples a few years back.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim I can see how that might be challenging then. The Java SDK does have support to retrieve alarms for example. I believe the API is GetAlarmsWithFilterReq. What are you trying to do with alarms?

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Jim Unfortunately, Mike isn't going to be able to join this chat today. He's at a customer site.

Steven Sosnowski: is AE r11.3.6 SP07 release on track for 2/15?

Dan Shannon (CA): @Steven It is. It will be tight but we believe we can make the date

Jim Spath: I was able to get alarms, and it showed all of them, so I expect the next step will be to close the olds ones.  We have used SMP for alerts and not bothered to close any that were addressed (one way).  Now looking to confirm the alert went to the ticket system, then retrieve new ones.  SNMP is better but...

Dan Shannon (CA): @Steven Tight dates are not uncommon btw. It means we're working hard to deliver more functionality.

Steven Sosnowski: thanks Dan

Jim Spath: My code to close alerts failed with a null pointer.  I understand app debugging is up to me.  Seeing other examples would be nice.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim I assume you are using the IUserUpdateAlarmReq API. That should work. If you can forward a sample of your code, I can have someone review it.

Jim Spath: @Dan thanks.  I have used many languages and just learn enough to get by usually.  The API docs are in a JAR file with the SDK, as I recall.  I can also post something to the community site for the call; one question I have is whether I can filter based on time range.  The sample seems to have job name only.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim I can relate to all the languages. I looked at the API. It does appear to support AlarmDateFilter objects for date fields.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim I can probably provide a sample if that would help too

Jim Spath: @Dan - good.  I will post a question on the community about that so someone can figure it out a decade from now after i retire. ;-)

Jim Spath: @Dan also, I have not opened a new ticket on the SAP plugin, but will do so.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim retire? You have to put in a request for that.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim sounds good

Jim Spath: That's all I have for now.  Looks like my colleague did not join.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim I have to believe you come up with more if challenged. Are you considering moving to SP7 anytime soon?

Jim Spath: Hah, yes Dan.  I dl'd SP6 and am waiting for a platform to install on.  Once SP7 is ready will get that.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim super

Jim Spath: I can't discuss our patching strategy in polite company.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim That's always an interesting topic

Jim Spath: We are moving systems around data centers, so I will be digging into the silent install process more than previously.

Jim Spath: I had written scripts to tweak the installs such as using a generic shell environment instead of host name specific.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim make sense. I wish I could tell you that all the install/update enhancements planned for 12.0 could be delivered earlier because I think that will help...but I can't. If you believe you have needs not being met, please let me know

Jim Spath: @Dan.  OK.  I know I commented on one Idea that was marked as "not planned" on the community site.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim I'll look for that. It's possible our thoughts have changed since that was reviewed

Jim Spath: Better behavior with invalid timezone in CA Workload Automation

Jim Spath:

Jim Spath: The idea came back to me as I was able to reproduce the bug while training new team member. ;-)

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim Interesting comments on this one. I'll look into it

Jim Spath: @Dan, yeah, created in 2014.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim And you said you had nothing else for us :-)

Jim Spath: I know, the little grey cells can be slow sometimes.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim too funny

Jim Spath: For the Java coding, Mike asked me a few years ago why I was not using an IDE, just command line.  So now I'm learning Eclipse.

Jim Spath: Then I copy the source to UNIX and compile there...

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim yeah. Eclipse is a great IDE...for free

Jim Spath: Without actual counts, how many customers do you think use C++ API versus Java coding.  I convinced myself + co to use Java once we moved the EP/AS to Windows.  I'm more versed in C but building for multiiple OS was a pain.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim I don't have usage counts but I can tell you I hear of a lot more customers using the Java SDK compared to the C++ SDK. Ratio is probably 50:1

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim I don't know anyone that likes working with C++ when they have to support multiple platforms.

Jim Spath: Good to know.  Googling didn't show much beyond the textbooks examples.  I can fix that.

Jim Spath: The one working example I did several years ago allowed UNIX date +format commands for global setting to use the same mask in Java.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim Personally, I found it much faster to develop Java code primarily due to the superior IDE. MS Visual Studio is ok, but slower compared to Eclipse and Java

Jim Spath: @Dan I had 3 DB GUIs on my desktop at one point - MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim That makes you versatile

Jim Spath: It's a blessing, and a curse.

Jim Spath: Off to lunch -thanks all!

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim I can relate. You learn enough stuff and it all starts to become a blur

Dan Shannon (CA): @Jim Thanks for attending. I'll watch for the Java code

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Everyone: We're nearing the top of the hour. Are there any other questions for the team?

Lenn Thompson (CA): Okay, let's wrap it up. Thank you, as always, for your time. See you in the community!

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