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Tech Tip - VMWARE API data adapter - improvements 

10-25-2017 02:00 PM

A few cases recently closed have improved the capability of the VMWARE API data adapter and Data Manager.

  • Pull in data via API without changing anything in vCenter!
  • Pull in data from past year, month, or 24 hours, instead of just from the weekly table.
  • Disable null errors that provide no value.


1.     FIX to allow for a new setting so that the API works within the default metric limit from VMware in newer vcenters.

There is a new parameter in the updated VMWARE API data adapter called "Chunk Size".

Chunk Size by default was hard-coded to 50, the new parameter allows it to be set to 3 which works without causing an error in the logs.

2.    Fix to allow for new "Granularity" settings, so that you can change the original 30-minute samples.

When it uses these other sample settings you are pulling data from different vcenter tables.

The 5-minute sample is from the last 24-hour table.

30-minute samples are from the weekly table

2-hour samples are from the monthly table

1-day samples are from the yearly table

3.   Fix to allow certain error messages to be disabled.   

NOTE: this is a fix to Data Manager, not the VMWARE API data adapter... but if you need 5-minute granularity, you will want this fix.

This was required for 5-minute data because it would report too many errors and as a result, the data collection time ran into hours for staging.

By disabling these error messages, caused by a null value, 5-minute data was able to be collected in a reasonable amount of time.


If you use the VMWARE-API data adapter and want to avoid having to ask the vcenter admin to change the configuration, this "fixed" version of the adapter will allow you to adjust the Chunk Size, Granularity.   A separate fix to Data Manager will allow you to disable un-needed errors in the logs.


UPDATE: 2017-10-26

I was informed that this updated VMWARE-API data adapter has a problem, it reports the OS-TYPE of the GUEST incorrectly.

To correct this problem there are 4 lines in the XML file that need to be adjusted.

--- Backup the original XML file first. ----

Then adjust these lines documented below:  (Red - lines removed, Green - lines added)

Changes to make in XML file.


Contact support to get the fixes mentioned... maybe they will provide these four edits as well,


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