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Tech Tip: CA SOI - Launch Spectrum IM Alert Requires Login / EEM Session Token 

06-21-2018 08:36 AM

Why do we need to log in to Spectrum every time we start/launch the SOI function (right mouse click) -> Launch Spectrum IM Alert on a Spectrum alert? 

We have EEM/LDAP configured, is there a setting that will enable single sign on? 

In this scenario, both the SOI Console (JNLP) and Spectrum Console (JNLP) are on a workstation. Both products have been integrated with EEM and LDAP Successfully. They can launch both Consoles with the LDAP credentials in question however, it requires the user/password and they would like this to be SSO. 

The Spectrum Connector configuration file (\SOI\resources) should contain a LICURL tag/section, that should have the configurations to launch Spectrum OC and if the configuration files does not have the EEM Token details, it will result in this problem/behaviour. 

To resolve this issue, it should just be a matter of passing on the EEM session token in the connectors Launch-In-Context URLs in the connector configuration file, example: 

<URL Label="Spectrum IM Element" Port="8080" Protocol="http" Type="CI" host="addbr01suse" seqNum="10" url="{Protocol}://{host}:{Port}/spectrum/oneclick.jnlp?explorer={MdrElementID}&amp;EEMSESSION={ssoToken}"/> 
<URL Label="Spectrum IM Alert" Port="8080" Protocol="http" Type="Alarm" host="addbr01suse" seqNum="20" url="{Protocol}://{host}:{Port}/spectrum/oneclick.jnlp?explorer={MdrElementID}&amp;EEMSESSION={ssoToken}"/> 

NOTE: It might require a restart of the CA SAM Integration Services on the connector machine for the change to take effect.

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