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Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : AdminUI does not reflect objects updated by XPSImport 

04-06-2018 07:26 AM



When updating objects through XPSImport tool the changes are not reflected in AdminUI unless the Policy Server is restarted, although the objects were successfully updated. XPSImport finishes correctly and shows the objects as modified in logs, and we can see the modifications using XPSExplorer tool. Why don't we see the objects updated in the AdminUI and from the Policy Server cache?




Policy Server & AdminUI : R12.52 SP1 CR02
Policy Store : AD LDS 2008




This behavior occurs in Active Directory and AD LDS, and it's by Microsoft design. AD and AD LDS do not modify the timestamps of an object when there are only some attributes modified. This behavior provokes an issue in the AdminUI and Policy Server cache. When you run XPS tools, you will see the modifications applied in the object, but as the timestamps will not be modified on AD and AD LDS, the AdminUI and the Policy Server cache will not reflect that modification. You need to restart the Policy Server to get the modification applied in the Policy Server cache and thus in the AdminUI.




We have changed the way we handle the timestamps in our code, to make the AdminUI and Policy Server cache are getting the updated objects in R12.52 SP1 CR06:


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