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SMPolicyReader update - xcart - screen to check for xcart object references 

05-06-2017 01:24 AM



A while ago we added xcart generation to the SMPolicyReader tool.  It provides a visual point & click way to generate an xcart txt file which can then be used with XPSExport to export only the selected objects.  Using SMPolicyReader to generate xcart selection. 


But usually an SSO domain has references, some of which you want to also bring across in the same xcart transfer.  Ujwol has outlined the manual process here :  Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On:Policy Server:: How to migrate selected policy domain(s) from one policy store to another 


And we've now added the ability to view and select those reference objects in the SMPolicyReader / xcart selection. 


From the xcart screen, there is a new button "Check External Refs", clicking that will bring up an additional screen listing all the objected referenced by those in the xcart.  You can then view them and append them to the xcart if needed. 


Here is a screenshot of the SMPolicyReader showing the current xcart selection, and the dialog showing references for those objects in the xcart: 


And a quick video showing the xcart of reference checking in use: 


Note: in the video I say it does a recursive check for reference objects, that is not the case, it only shows objects directly referenced from those in the xcart.  So it will show a reference to an AgentGroup, but not the Agents in that AgentGroup.  If you then add the AgentGroup to the xcart and run the check again, then it will show the Agents.  


Reference objects not added to the xcart will when the xcart is run through the XPSExport, appear as <ReferenceObjects> - the expectation is that all of those "ReferenceObjects" will already exist in the environment where they are to be imported.


The rest of the xcart processing with xpsexport, xpsimport is as per the original article.   


Cheers - Mark

PS: This work was done as a sidestep of another update I am working on.   A future next step that suggests itself here, is where the SMPolicyReader is being run on the Policy Server, that it could directly run the XPSExport as a child process.

Mark O'Donohue
Snr Principal Support Engineer - Global Customer Success

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05-12-2017 07:45 PM

Thanks for sharing this tip with the community Mark!

SMPolicyReader update - xcart - screen to check for xcart object references 

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