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Integrated Continuous Delivery EcoSystem Demonstration 

08-11-2016 06:16 AM

        The attached video is a demonstration of the entire CA Continuous Delivery eco system starting with CA Agile Central all the way through to CA Release Automation including CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition, CA Dev test / Service Virtualization and CA Agile Requirements Designer


     End-to-End application release management solution for executing a successful DevOps, continuous delivery strategy. This enterprise-ready solution easily integrates with your continuous delivery toolchain and agilely scales as the volume, velocity and complexity of applications grow.


To learn more about:

CA Release Automation, visit: Release Management - CA Technologies 

CA Agile Central Visit:  Agile Management (formerly Rally) – CA Technologies

CA Test Data Management Visit:  Test Data Management - CA Technologies

CA Agile Requirements Designer Visit: CA Agile Requirements Designer - CA Technologies  

CA Service Virtualization Visit: CA Service Virtualization - CA Technologies

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08-11-2016 08:27 AM

Thanks Keith for creating this video. Very useful. Ram.

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