FAQ: New FDP Full Detail Page Editor 

04-30-2019 11:07 AM

Here are answers to the most frequently-asked questions regarding the new FDP Full Detail Page editor. Learn more about FDP at Product Announcement - New FDP Full Detail Page Editor 




Is auto-save still available?

Auto-save is not available in QDP and FDP because of performance improvements and issues with fields that are made required after work items have been created with it.

Why is the Save button missing?

The Save and Cancel buttons are not displayed until a change is made (which would require saving). 


What happened to the Done button?

The Done button has been replaced with an X button that will close the FDP window.


I'm not getting emails for @mentions. Why not?

In order to receive emails for @mentions, you have to have email notifications turned on in your user preferences.


Can fields be moved from the left pane to the right pane and vice-versa?

Re-arranging fields is somewhat limited in that rich-text fields can only be displayed on the left side, and other field types on the right. 


What happened to the 'Undo' button on rich text fields?

This has been replaced by the 'Discard' option which appears at the bottom of the page. The Discard and Save buttons appear when a user begins to enter or edit the text in the field.  It is still possible to use the operating system's undo functionality within the individual field; ctrl+Z for Windows and cmd+Z for Mac.



Why is there no scroll bar on rich text fields when the content is too large to display?

The scroll bar will only appear when the cursor is focused within the text box.



Where did the 
gear icon go?

The gear icon at the top has been replaced with more modern, consistent functionality.  
Some of the options previously available via the gear icon are now on the ellipsis icon at top-left by the formatted ID:


Other options previously-available from the grid gear icon, such as edit, copy, bulk edit, and delete are now available from the new toolbar. 



Bulk Edit is available from the pencil icon and allows one to update up to four fields at a time:



How do I copy a task without the gear icon?

To copy a task from the children tab of a user story, first click the checkbox next to the desired task. Then, click the copy button.  


How do I add preformatted text? 

Paste your text in, then select a nice font like Courier New from the font picker:


Why does the Parent selector only show Features or work items in the currently-scoped project? 

We've designed this to be more performant by limiting items shown by Project. However, we hear you and are working on a fix for this issue to be released soon. 


Why does the Parent field  show “No access” when trying to select a Parent story?

This is occurring for only some users. We are releasing a fix in our next deploy, coming soon. 


Why don't Changesets display the full uri information

We're working on a fix for this one.


Why can't I save and share views on Collection tabs anymore in the new editor?

While there is not currently the ability to save and share views for the Collection tabs (list of child items, etc) in FDP, filters or column selections are saved to your preferences. We are collecting feedback from our users to determine a path forward with saved and shared views in Collection tabs. 


Why can't I check/uncheck (select/deselect) Projects using the Project drop down field on the Work Views page? Is this related?

Yes, it's related and we've already fixed it! We will be deploying the fix for this issue very soon. 


Do I have to use the dropdown selector just to change the Schedule State?

No! Just click on the letters to quickly change the Schedule State:


So, can I switch back to the old editor?

No - and soon you won't want to. We are continuing to move forward in Rally to make all aspects of the application more modern and performant, this includes updates like FDP which show a 33% quicker page load than the old editor. We will continue to add feature parity and functionality to this editor in coming releases.  If you have suggestions for improvement, please submit them through the Feedback button.  For those of you have already done so, thank you for being Agile. 


Why can't I see my tasks or users stories in the collections page?

Collections have a persistent search.  If you've previously entered a search term on the collections page but did not removed it, that search term is still present.  Removing the search term will display the work items in the collection.  We are currently working on an enhancement to the messaging on the screen to refer to the filter/search term that is present.



Where has the Actions menu gone?

The actions menu can now be accessed via the ellipsis (...) next to the formatted ID.



I need more columns in the collections page.

Through your feedback, we have enhanced the collections page to allow 18 columns on Collections.  Rank, ID and Name are permanent.  Users can select an additional 15 columns.


When I click a link, I'm not seeing the popover that has the actual clickable link

This can happen when the following conditions occur:

  1. When there is enough text to cause scrollbars to appear in the text window
  2. You are scrolled more than one page down in the window

This is occurring because the popover is actually being shown below the bottom of the text field as shown here:

A workaround for the moment is to expand the text field so that all of the text is shown without scrollbars.  

This has been reported to development.


The mark-down button and FDP/QDP actions menu buttons have been updated.

These buttons - located next to the formatted ID - have been updated to make them more discoverable.



Why doesn't my dropdown list show all values?

One of our main objectives with FDP was to improve performance.  You may notice that the initial fetch does not display all values, this helps us achieve our performance goal by displaying fewer results initially.  You will also notice a Search bar at the top of of the list which will allow you to narrow down and locate the correct option(s).  This includes Rally built-in fields as well as Custom fields.



Where did the Attachment Descriptions go?

We listened to your feedback.  Back by popular demand, we have Attachment Descriptions in FDP.  

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05-16-2019 07:45 AM

Is it possible to do a "expand all" on the "children" tab? If not, is it planned?

05-03-2019 11:08 AM

Thanks PaulLindo1360581! We're now tracking DE48893 on the above issue - thanks for reporting it! We expect a fix to be released very soon.

05-02-2019 11:18 AM

The above FAQ described behavior works on grids only but not while viewing a list of user stories from the FDP of an Feature.

05-02-2019 11:16 AM

Great summary!

Schedule state is not working as described. When viewing user stories from a epic, click any letter in schedule state it will produce a drop list:


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