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Enhanced Spectrum Mobile App 

05-23-2019 08:54 PM

Dear Spectrum Community Users,


After long wait the updated and enhanced Mobile App for CA Spectrum is now available for Android users. We will be shortly repeating the same for iOS users. 


Here is what you can expect from the enhanced Mobile App: 


- Redesigned user Interface
- Improved scale and performace
- Faster App Launch time
- View alarms Up to 20k
- Ackowledge alarms
- Assign Trouble Shooter
- Double tap to unassign troubleshooter
- The app now can send e-mail notification when troubleshooter is assigned.
- Clear alarm
- View Description/Symptom/Probable Cause/Recommended Actions for an Alarm
- View Impact of alarm in the Impcat Tab.
- View devices Up to 10k.
- View Device Specific alarms.
- Search alarms and devices.
- HTTPS Connectivity


As usual we are working towards making the product better and better for ease of use and provide more value for our customers. Comments and critics are welcomed. 


Here is the link to download the App: 

CA Spectrum - Apps on Google Play  

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01-03-2020 05:50 AM

Hello Dear DX NetOps Customers,

We have updated the DX Spectrum Mobile App with below improvements, please update your app and provide us your valuable feedback either through communities or through the Mobile App.

Alarms filtering capability.
CPU/Memory performance graph support for SNMP devices.
Ability to view Events for the devices generated in last 4 hours.
Ability to change the device state to maintenance mode.
Ability to search devices on the server.
Support for Global collection alarm and device views.
Dark Mode Theme support.
Bug fixes & performance improvements.

07-18-2019 04:25 AM

For any additional features, please respond here or feedback link from the app directly.

07-18-2019 04:24 AM

Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback, we heard that Alarm filtering would amplify this app. Sure we shall line it up.

Dashboard home page as well will be enhanced.

07-12-2019 11:14 AM

Some of my users have tried the app and like it.  

Is there a way to ask for a feature?  
Can we get it use our filters?  
That would make it a wonderful new addition to our environment.

07-12-2019 11:12 AM

Alarm filtering is needed.  The IOS app is showing all alarms hitting a OneClick server.  Allowing users to select filters associated with their OneClick account will be a win.

06-10-2019 10:38 AM

Great to see its been updated / revived  - what Spectrum versions are support as the backend ?
I would think it was written to base functionality as a common denominator.

06-03-2019 03:51 PM

Thanks.  App works.  When will the dashboard respond to a click to view the list of alerts that are Critical, Major, Minor.   Would be nice to click and view the list of the systems set to Maintenance mode.  
Also, what is the plan for this app, is it on planed release schedule?

06-03-2019 09:34 AM

Seeing this post made me aware that there was a mobile app for Spectrum.  I installed the app and got it to work.  My Android phone is running version 6.0, but I think this version might causing me some limitations.  I don't see Alarm Filtering option and I actually don't see Settings icon inside Alarms.  Under Settings icon all I see is Report Issue, Provide Feedback, Facebook, Twitter,Share, and Logout.

I would assume from the Dashboard I could select "Critical" and it would take me to a view just should "Critical" alarm, but it does nothing.

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