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CA IDM - Error on Provisioning Manager 

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11 days ago

Note: Piyush Kumaar adds the following. Piyush had trouble adding to Communities. 


Hi Mohamad,


I had a similar error another Endpoint Type and the error message was "Failed to load module W2KNamespace.dll". I had taken the following notes while trying to resolve the issue at that time. Please see if any of the following points help you.


Check configuration of Connector Server. Maybe the request for this endpoint is not handled by the C++ Connector Server.

Check the SYSTEM Path on the Connector Servers and make sure that the PATH contains something like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\CAM\bin"

The CCS requires .NET 3.5 to function. This is in addition to any later version that you might already have on your system. This problem is sometimes seen on 64bit machines. The CCS is a 32bit process and cannot work with the 64bit libraries.



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