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Tech Tip - CA PIM Endpoint Agent start on boot

CA PIM Tech Tip by Gopinath,Harindranath , Principal Support Engineer for 17 February 2016.   Procedure to start PIM service on server boot.   1. Create a new file. touch /etc/systemd/system/seos.service   2. Open the file.   vi /etc/systemd/system/seos.service &...

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Tech Tip: Create Ticket Action fails with error "Create ticket error........"

Problem: - We are trying to create ticket to ServiceNow but geting error " "Create ticket error - java.lang.NullPointerexception " Solution: - You need to turn on the "ITPAM WS Client" debug on the SOIMGR debug controller to get more detail on the error message. The following error was...

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Tech Tip: Can vertica be installed in a directory other than /opt/vertica?

Vertica does not support a different installation directory than /opt/vertica. The installation directory should not be changed to any location other than /opt/vertica. They note doing so could result in serious issues, and make the environment unsupported.

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Tech Tip: Shortcut for confirming processes are running

To quickly confirm if your processes are running upon logging into your various servers you can update the .bash profile.  For example, if you installed as the root user you can update the /root/.bash profile with the following commands:   DC /etc/init.d/dcmd status   DA ...

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ROC Session times out frequently

Description : Many times we faced the issue that the ROC session is getting timeout frequently within 4-5 minutes. Identification : The entries in the context.xml under conf folder in LISA RAC root directory is set wrong.. Resolution : Correct the entries in the context.xml. Please...

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Tech Tip: Upgrade from to unable to complete after uninstall

After an uninstall of NFA and during the performance of a subsequent installation you get an error similar to:   Upgrade from to cannot be completed   This is due to the fact that the uninstall did not remove the reporter database during the uninstall process. &...