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Tech TIP: UIM Connector will not connect

Problem Description: SOI and UIM are sharing the same database server and port, with separate databases. When I a ttempt to install the UIM connector on the server, UIM connector will not connect to the database. I see the message in the connector log "Error connecting to database: Login...

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Tech Tip:  SOI - Spectrum Alarm Synchronization

This Tech Tip is related to all SOI and Spectrum Releases that are supported by the Spectrum Connector for SOI and higher. When a SpectroServer has a very high volume of Alarms, aka Alarm Storm, over a short period of time it can happen that Alarm Clear events are not ...

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Tech Tip:  soitoolbox showing wrong data

Problem: - We have few services in our SOI. When running soitoolbox with --getStatisticalData option, the result for Services in soi showing 0. Solution: - soitoolbox with --getStatisticalData option will show data published by the connectors, excluding the Service Discovery connector...

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Soi Tech Tip: Error handling JSON header

Getting the following error during when logging in to SOI "Error handling JSON header" . On this occasion the problem was resolved by: Restarting the Manager Services.

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Tech Tip : How to add the Occurrences attribute from Specturm to SOI

NOTE: Before editing any files, always make a backup of those files. Here are the steps to add the Occurrences attribute from Specturm to SOI. Spectrum Connector version needs to be at least On the Spectrum connector system: 1) Stop CA SAM Integration Services 2) Edit ...

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SOI Tech Tips: Connector not starting, getting Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

After starting the CA SAM Integration Services, the connector do not start. If you check the \soi\jsw\logs\SAM-IntegrationServices wrapper.log and see the message INFO | jvm 1 | 2014/09/02 15:29:09 | Exception in thread "CA:00XXXX ******" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com...

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SOI Tech Tips: Create New Event policy doesn't clear old alert

Problem: Created a new 'Create New Event' event policy to change Alert Severity of specific alerts, the policy is working as it creating a new Alert with desired Severity but the old Alert is not getting cleared. Hence, SOI console has both old & new alert. Solution: Change Mdr Element...

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Tech Tip: Service availabilty report generated for ALL services instead of for a specific service

If we highlight a specific service in the SOI dashboard, select the "Availability" tab and click on the pie chart to generate a report, a report for ALL services is generated. It does not generate a report for the single specific service that was selected. This problem symptom can be worked...