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Tech Tip: Alarm Enrichment probe not processing alarms

This issue has been detected in UIM 8.4 SP2. In some cases, the Alarm Enrichment probe stops processing alarms and messages start being queued. The AE logs show the following repetitive message: Jan 25 02:59:00:962 [attach clientsession, alarm enrichment] AlarmQueueReader alarm count...

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Tech Tip: Nimsoft Connector only support NIS database using MS SQL

When you install the Nimsoft connector one of the thing it will ask for is the info to connect to the NIS database. Nimsoft can use Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL for the NIS database. Currently Nimsoft connector version  will only support NIS database using MS SQL.

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I went through the agenda builder and pulled out all information for the IM products I'm interested in and put it into a CSV that can be imported into Outlook. It's all in Las Vegas local time, so, you may need to convert to your local time using this formula in Excel: =A1-X/24 Where A1 is the...