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Tech tip - Unable to acquire Version information error on UMP Discovery Wizard

symtpom When you select discovery agent resides on secondary hub, and try to launch discovery wizard, it does not work with error " Unable to acquire version information "   cause The error indicates communication failure in between discovery agent probe and ump robot.   ...

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Tech Tip: CCA property - wmi.file.based.discovery

Hi Everyone   Just in case it helps you, the CCA property wmi.file.based.discovery if set to true creates a file on the system and then CCA queries this file and transfers the information back to the DB. This may help if you are experiencing WMI call problems. The WMI timeout set to 900...

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Tech Tip: In Spectrum If a discovery has been started is there any way to stop it if required?

In Spectrum If a discovery has been started is there any way to stop it if required   Document ID:   TEC1748506   Question:   In Spectrum how can i stop a discovery while it is running?   Answer:   If you need to stop a running discovery this can be...

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Tech Tip: Service Discovery won't create new Services

When adding a lot of Service Discover rules the Services are not being created. If you review the \SOI\log\service-discovery.log you will see errors:   ERROR [dataLoaderScheduler4-1] servicediscovery.ServiceDiscovery - scanForRulesChanges(). java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space &...

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Tech Tip: HP Server discovered as WINNT in CCA UI

Hi   Problem: CCA Discovers a UNIX system as a WINNT system in the UI.   Solution   1. Create a back up of the CmnDscvrClassification.xml file.       Default Location:     :\Program Files\CA\SC\Network Discovery Gateway\config   ...

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FAQ: Change Detection Mechanism

Change detection management planning helps ensure that Data Aggregator detects and monitors device reconfigurations in your environment according to your needs.   Q: Can’t I just set the Change Detection rate to 5 mins so that DA will quickly pick up changes?   The product...