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Why should you read my blog?

Good day to all in this, my first blog post. I’m Dan Lundwall, a principal Services consultant with CA. Since joining CA in March 2006, my emphasis has been on two products, CA Spectrum and CA SOI .   Because I’ve often read blog posts that lead me to ask, “Why should...

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DevOps - Time to redefine your IT Technology Needs….

From a CIO to any IT management level, you always have challenges to define your technology road ahead of the market curve.  It is always important to stay at par or move ahead of the market for adopting new IT technologies.   Say CEO of a global leading mobile service provider...

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Tech Tip: How to point UI Server to another SOI manager

I have SOI UI server pointed to ABC SOI manager and now I want to point it to XYZ SOI manager   Solution: -- - Make sure you have same version and patch level on SOI manager and UI Server which you want to point to new SOI manager   - Stop SOI UI services running on UI Server. &...