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Agile Short- and Long-Term Adoption of PSD2: It’s Easier Than You Think

The revised European Payment Service Directive (PSD2) came into force at the beginning of 2018, and banks are now racing to comply and leverage business opportunities. But while they’re scrambling to secure their systems, the new regulation could potentially become an obstacle to banks. &...

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Six Considerations for Accelerating a CA SSO Implementation

In our final post on migrating to a CA SSO solution, we will present six things you need to keep in mind if you want to accelerate the project. There is no standard timeframe for implementation of CA SSO; the speed of implementation is dependent upon a wide range of factors. These factors...

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Optimizing Your CA SSO Migration Strategy

Migrating applications is actually an onboarding exercise. You’ll need to define the resources that are protected for an application, assign agents or CA Access Gateway proxy rules, determine a login method for the applications and access rules, and map those rules to user roles and/or...

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Non-Policy-Based SSO: A Real-World Case Study

So far, my posts have covered various aspects of non-policy-based SSO. Today, I’ll share a real-world example of non-policy-based SSO in action at a CA Technologies customer, one I consider a visionary pioneer in digital transformation. One proof point for my opinion is that the company...

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The Power of Planning

Whether applications reside in the enterprise or the cloud, managing user identities and access to key resources is a critical function for IT organizations. It’s especially critical for CIOs who are under increasing pressure to cut operating costs, demonstrate continuous compliance and...

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The Quick—and Lasting—Value of Out-of-the-Box IdM Customizations

As organizations enter emerging markets by acquiring companies that are successful in those markets, the burden falls to IT departments to introduce new services, maintain security and reduce costs by integrating and streamlining operations, all while onboarding acquired employees. Often, that...

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4 Tips for Maximizing IDM Value and Minimizing Blood, Sweat and Tears

In a leading market survey, 66% of IT security officers stated that their identity and access management processes were too manual and insufficiently automated. This indicates that many organizations get less than full value from their identity management (IDM) solution.   As a CA...

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Getting Back to Basics with Single Sign-On

Making the Complex Simple: Non-Policy-Based Single Sign-On is the Wave of the Future   As we all know, single sign-on (SSO) permits a user to access multiple applications and Web services with a single set of login credentials, usually a user name and password. Organizations value SSO...