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Webinar - Continuous Delivery Director Roadmap Discussion

With 4 out of 5 IT decision makers citing challenges getting visibility across the development cycle, with no clear understanding of who is doing what in each release, how do you solve for something you can’t see? How well you orchestrate for efficiency and transparency across your CI/CD...

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No coding experience required with Scriptless Testing!

Help your teams drag and drop components to test without manually writing scripts using Scriptless Testing. Part of the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing platform today, testers use Scriptless Testing to remove the need for complex scripting languages or manual technical processes. This...

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New! Scriptless Testing simplifies Test Automation

2 out of 3 IT decision makers agree designing and maintaining for automated tests is painful. Challenges in test creation and execution for regression testing have consistently hamstrung testers that possess extensive business domain knowledge but lack coding skills and automation experience...

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September 2017 Webcast Replay - ARD and Taurus Integration

Replay of the ARD community webcast that was held on September 5th 2017.   Topic: CA ARD and Taurus integration   Abstract:   Software testers are under pressure to deliver fully tested software faster than ever before, while also improving quality and driving down project...


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Replay - CA Security Communities Webcast - CA SSO Performance Testing with CA BlazeMeter

An overview of BlazeMeter and how to use it to do performance testing on CA SSO, with some test results. Presented on August 23,2017 by Jason Wilcox, Sr Services Architect, Jason Silberman, Sr Product Marketing Manager Dave Karow, Sr Principal Product Marketing Manager and Aaron Berman, Sr...

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4 Tips for Maximizing IDM Value and Minimizing Blood, Sweat and Tears

In a leading market survey, 66% of IT security officers stated that their identity and access management processes were too manual and insufficiently automated. This indicates that many organizations get less than full value from their identity management (IDM) solution.   As a CA...