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Invitation for CA Spectrum Beta Validation Program

Dear Spectrum Community Users, We want to invite participants for our Beta Validation Program. This program is an opportunity for customers to try and test out features which we will release to market in the near future.  Key features that we are offering with this Beta Load are ...

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Spectrum: OneClick Java Certificate Expiry

Dear Spectrum Community Users,   This is to inform you that the OneClick Java Certificate will be expiring by March 8 th 2019. The CA Spectrum product team is going to deliver patches for all the supported versions prior to that date. Customers are advised to install the patches on...

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CA Spectrum continues to be arguably the best fault detection and isolation solution in the marketplace, with continuing investments in enhancements to further this network monitoring software solution. The new release of CA Spectrum, 10.3, includes key integration enhancements to further AIOps...


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Script for cleaning SRM databases

Over the years, we have had many issues with Spectrum Report Manager (SRM).  Some of the most frustrating issues have been around stability due to the massive amount of data that we process.  What we have found is that shortly after we wipe the SRM systems out, they run well for a...

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Workload Automation AE - AutoSys MIB file

Import this AutoSys MIB file into CA Spectrum to map the traps.

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New Video | CA Spectrum & CA VNA: Multitenancy Support

CA Spectrum 10.2.3 release introduces Multitenancy through VNA aggregator integration that enables modeling of multiple selected domains in any corresponding SpectroSERVER in a DSS environment to effectively manage several devices in your network. Through multitenancy, you can configure multiple...

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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to CA Spectrum 10.2.3

CA Spectrum 10.2.3 is the most current release and offers no less than 5 great reasons to upgrade to it. Before upgrading, please check product documentation and upgrade scenarios to ensure a reliable transition.