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Tuesday Tip: Finding Where a Login is Used

I wanted to share a little tip with everyone that recently came up with a customer I was helping. Let's say you have a scenario where you have a deployment, which consists of a process, which is made up of large number of flows, each of which in turn are densely packed with various actions (as...

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July 2016 Webcast Replay - Automating Your Database Deployments

Replay of the Release Automation community webcast that took place on July 13, 2016.   Topic : Live Demo - automating your database deployments   Abstract: We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a special webcast with DBmaestro to show you how to avoid downtime...

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"CA Test Data Manager" - new action pack for Release Automation

New action pack has just been released for Release Automation to support " CA Test Data Manager 3.5.x ". This action pack can be used by Release Automation v6.1.0   The action pack for "CA Test Data Manager" provide the following action: - TDM - Submit a Publish Job This action...

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This is the Release Automation Restful API Calls Best Practice Guide, where we described the different available restful calls in Release Automation, we provide an example in how this information is available and the different tools that you can use to create the necessary payloads to be used...


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Release Automation KB: What are Deprecated Actions?

Question Why are certain actions designated "deprecated" after upgrading to the latest version of an action pack?   Answer On occasion, after updating a previously installed action pack to a newer version, certain actions may appear with the word "deprecated" in...

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ChefConf 2015 - Hope to see you there!

A few of us here are getting ready to head out to ChefConf 2015 being held in Santa Clara, CA. The conference begins Tuesday, March 31 st and runs through April 2 nd at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  We are a Gold sponsor this year and we’ll be showcasing CA Release...