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Did you know: How to get list of Serial Numbers for Chassis devices, line cards, and standard devices

It is sometimes very time consuming to go down to the Data-Center and pull out a device for getting the serial number of the device, or even the service tag. It is however quite easy to extract that information from a running system (In case the Manufacturer has inserted that information into...

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[REPLAY] What’s New in APM SaaS - October 10, 2018

Abstract: CA APM SaaS is regularly updated with new enhancements, features and UI improvements. Attend this session to learn about the July and August CA APM SaaS updates. The APM team will cover new infrastructure agents, extensions, Assisted Triage updates, and a new developer feature. We...

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[WEBCAST REPLAY] Gain Real-Time Insight into App Performance and User Behavior with CA AXA  - September 19, 2018

CA App Experience Analytics is the one platform you need for end-user analytics, combining crash and performance analytics with advanced user journey monitoring to provide you with the metrics needed to understand and continuously improve the user experience.   Presenter: Bryan...

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APMSQLServer Start Script

I know this is a simple thing, but i haven't seen any around, and i felt the need everytime i had to start or stop it manually plus auto start, so i'm sharing the one i did to whoever needs it, it´s a modification from the one that comes with apm. I´ve implemented the basics for...

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Installing and running Introscope Enterprise Manager on Linux Servers with /tmp mounted with noexec option

Problem The installation and running of Introscope Enterprise Manager and APM Database on Linux Servers will fail if the /tmp partition is mounted with the noexec option. Some organizations enforce the noexec option on /tmp as part of their security policy to prevent malicious users from using...

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[REPLAY] CA APM –  Named a Gartner MQ Leader for Application Performance Management Suites June 28, 2018

In March of 2018, Gartner published the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) suites.   In a crowded field combining long established vendors and new entrants, CA Technologies has been recognized as a leader. We believe this is recognition of our solution...

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Docker 1: Pitfalls to avoid

The most common reason a set of dependent docker containers do not start up correctly, is because one of the containers did not come up correctly. Analyzing many docker-containers, I have noticed very often "developers" to add a startup script that looks like the below (I admit, this is one of...

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10.7 SP1 Configuration Changes & Important Post Install Notes

CONFIGURATION CHANGES: ********************* ********************* ********************* ********************* ********************* IMPORTANT! After you execute the hotfix script and verify the results, but BEFORE you start Enterprise Manager, we highly recommended for large...